Monday, March 8, 2010


What is this a picture of? A guy selling balloons. Pigeons eating in the street. It’s some sort of celebration they have every so often when they sell balloons to all the kids. When the kids let them go whoever’s balloon flies the farthest gets a prize. The man’s got all the balloons. Why is he holding all the balloons? I don’t know. He didn’t tell me. He’s having fun with it.

What are they celebrating? They’re celebrating selling balloons! Every kid gets one. Some get two. How come some of the kids get two? I don’t see any of them getting two.

There’s a little kid standing here. He’s just watching and looking down. The pigeons are waiting for something. They’re just standing there. You know how pigeons are.

I don’t know how this man can hold all these balloons. Why are there so many balloons? That’s what it was. An occasion.

It doesn’t look like there’s much air out there. The birds are just waddling around.

There are a lot of birds there to count. Fifteen birds. I give up. The birds don’t seem to be very bothered by the balloons. The birds are hoping that something will happen to the balloons and they’ll all blow up.

Where is this man? The town square of some little town in Europe. They’ve been in business for a long period of time. The balloons are too far from the buildings.

You thought the man cuts hair, that he was a barber.

What is the man on the left doing? Do you think he’s taking a picture? It looks like it. Or he’s just trying to find his way somewhere. I don’t think he’s lost. I just think he’s trying to find a street that he doesn’t know where it is. That little kid is with him. Is the kid related to him? I don’t think so. No, I really think that’s his kid.

Evidently, he’s taking a picture. Doesn’t look like that to me at all. If I was there, I’d take a picture just like that. I think his kid is just sitting there.

How he keeps all the balloons separate, I don’t know. I don’t care. I wish they would break at the same time and fly off in the air!

What city do you think he’s at? What’s he doing, taking a picture? He could be taking a picture of the pigeons. No, I think he’s waiting for them all to fly away. The little boy lost something and he’s trying to find it. He dropped it, and the guy came along with the balloons and now he can’t find it. It just fell and rolled down the street and the balloons walked all over it. He’s not too happy with the balloon man. But the people do. If they didn’t like the balloon man, they wouldn’t buy his balloons. Maybe he owns his own business and blows up balloons? Oh bull-hockey.

The age of the building looks old. The sun is heating on the back of the building. When you look at the sun on the building, it looks like it has antiquity.

He dropped his change.

What is the name of the man holding the balloons? Does he own them all? He must have a partner; he couldn’t possibly own them all. It would be good to have two partners. Two would work as a good team.

There’s one thing lacking. There are no children there saying, “Daddy buy me that one! Daddy buy me that one!” I don’t think that’s a real kid; she’s just a posed one. She’s not jumping up and down; she’s just standing there.

Is that a puppy dog? The balloons are fish. There might be a prize fish. There it is, I see it! I guess if you sat down and really looked, you could make a fish out of any of those balloons. Maybe the fish is a male for food.

What is the green box? It’s just a box he’s got sitting out there. It’s nothing. It’s all open so if there’s fruit in there, it gets air.

The balloon man is kind of boring. What can we do to make it less boring? All the balloons could fly away. Or the little boy could pop all the balloons. The guy’s going to let go and they’re all going to fly up in the air.

STORY BY: Barbara, Patricia, Tony, Erwin

HELPERS: Collin, Kennedy, Valeri, Sarah

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