Monday, March 22, 2010



That’s in the city square. Which city? Geneva. Honolulu. What are these women doing? It looks like they’re eating out in the street. I don’t know how they can sit there. That’s lunch. I don’t know what she was burning. She’s looking at the sun it looks like. Those are bubbles, but it looks like smoke.

Those do look like big bubbles, don’t they? Who are these girls? Are they clerks? Why would they be sitting out in the street eating then? They’re probably not clerks. Those are some mighty big bubbles. What’s that on top of the building? DSW. That Orever 21 is better. DSW stands for District Southwest.

What are their names? They look like Whites. Is that their last or first names? I don’t know. I’m talking about their complexions.

What do you think their names are? Heidi and Zelda. Heidi is on the right and Zelda is on the left. They have each other. They’re friends that work together. Do they have tall buildings like that in Hawaii? I don’t know. I’ve never been to Hawaii. We can make it whatever we want it to be.

I think this is summer. But they’re wearing long-sleeve sweaters. It’s lunchtime. Why are they blowing bubbles? They’re just doing it. It’s something to do. They’d have to have something to blow bubbles with. They want to see who can blow the biggest one. Heidi’s blown the biggest bubble.

Where do they work? They don’t work. I don’t think they would sit across the street from where they work. They’re making the bubbles themselves. There’s no wind blowing. I’ve never seen a bubble like this before. They’re probably having fun. A lot of fun.

That looks like a tablecloth. That must be a place to rest while they’re not working.

What’s on the ground between them? It looks like half a head of lettuce. A couple of tomatoes. Why do they have lettuce and tomatoes? They’re probably on a diet. Could be. No preparation. You just cut it up and there it is. That’s a fun diet. It looks like a chicken to me. No, it looks more like an umbrella.

Are those big colleges over there? I don’t think they would be dressed like that if they were going to college, do you? They are students, but they’re going out for the day. What do you think they study in college? They study every day. But why would they be wearing clothes like they are to study in? They should dress better before they go out. They should dress right for the situation.

They like to study the tuba in school.

What are they going to do after they graduate college? They don’t have any idea what they want to do. They’re just blowing bubbles now.

Heidi is looking at something, something small. She’s sitting on a table. The people behind them are foreigners from someplace else. It’s difficult to tell from the way they’re dressed. Zelda looks like she’s from New York. Heidi is from down south. She’s just learning the ropes.

What are Heidi and Zelda going to do next? Pick up and go back to work. I don’t think they would be dressed like that in Honolulu. They must be going to a dime store.

Why are some of the characters so big? That’s a pretty wide street. Why are they so heavily dressed?

How should our story end? I think they’re going to be happy. I really do. You can tell they’re having fun.

STORY BY: Barbara, Betty, Patricia

HELPERS: Collin, Kennedy, Sarah

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