Monday, March 15, 2010


I would say he just had an argument with his son and daughter-in-law and he’s waiting to see if they follow him. In a way he’s hoping they do and in a way he’s hoping they don’t. He’s just sitting there waiting to see what’s going to happen.

It doesn’t look easy, but we have to pray.

Where do you think this man is? It’s not too far from here. It doesn’t matter where he is, not today. He thinks they should get married right away and they don’t want to get married right away. He’s really upset because he doesn’t want his family to live that way.

Yes, honey, that is hard. You don’t need that many.

What is he looking at? He’s not looking at anything. He’s looking to the side.

We didn’t do it. I’m tired of driving. I’m going out tonight. Do you think he’s going out? Yes.

He’s going back home to tell his wife what happened to the two kids, and how unhappy he is with them.

There are a lot of people in the back. Where are they? Just coming out of the subway station in New York. That’s my hometown. They’re all in a group going somewhere, probably down to Boston to see the baseball game. He’s thinking they’re a rambunctious bunch. Is that why he’s sitting way up here? He got disgusted with them waiting in the station, so he went up to where he thought he wouldn’t be bothered. Grouchy old fart.

He’s looking to see if he can find out who’s going to move up. Poor man. He’s got more troubles than he needs. What is his name? He looks like a McFarlin. I don’t think he’s going to be going around because of those cookies. Everybody loves him. That’s something that’s like an instant, like a little candy. He’s a good man.

Other than his son, who doesn’t want to get married, does he have any other children? I don’t think either one of them feels right about getting married right away. They want more financial stability and no unexpected events like pregnancy. But you never can tell. He’s just grumpy about the whole thing because he wanted a big wedding. He’s the big show-off type. He wanted all his friends to see. Maybe he’ll get it next year after the baby comes. There’s a baby? Yes, she’s pregnant. You didn’t know that? Where have you been? Everybody in town knows. You must not pay attention to gossip.

This guy’s making his fingers warm. Who is the person on the left with the hat on? I don’t know, but he ought to go home and take that stupid hat off. I don’t know where I’m going to go. What about the man behind McFarlin? What’s he doing? He’s just a casual bystander. He’s just wondering what the hell is going on. He’s not important.

What’s his son’s name? Sonny.

What does McFarlin do for a living? He retired, at his age. From what? Probably from retirement. Looks like he owned his own business. What’s his business? Looking at women.

He probably had two or three employees. Three at the most. The business is just about to go out because no one is using fireplaces anymore, not like they used to anyway. That’s sad. Poor man. He’s made his million. He says, “If they think I’m going to come back and join them they’re crazy.” He’s a snot, a pain in the ass.

His daughter is telling her fiance, “See why I didn’t want to invite him? He’s being a perfect ass.” And her fiancé says “Yeah, but he’s going to cut you off and not leave you any money. “ And she says, “Why does that matter?” And he says, “Why do you think I’m marrying you?” His daughter is named Angela, and her fiance’s name is Sonny.

What does McFarlin do for fun? I can’t imagine him having any fun. Probably keeps score at the baseball game and has the opposing team lose, the way he keeps score.

He’s going to complain to his wife about his kids. He’s going to say, “I’m sure glad I didn’t invite them to lunch!” His wife is going to say, “Well, I told you so! I told you so!” How does his wife react to the news? She says, “Thank God. Are you sure it’s not a necessity?”

What is McFarlin’s best quality? He’s righteous. He’s very conscious-ridden. He’s extremely proud of his daughter, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. If this was yesterday, he was fully dressed for it. By happen to her, I mean the neighbor’s talk. What’s his worst quality? He spends too much time looking at the women behind him. He doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with them.

Does he have a carrot in his pocket? He’s sitting there thinking, if I was up there I’d tell them young pipsqueaks a thing or two about baseball. They don’t know a damn thing about baseball, and I do. I watched Mickey Mantle hit his first homerun. I was only ten at the time.

What does McFarlin want, other than for his daughter to get married? To inherit a million dollars and move to Florida. That’s a little bit more reasonable than his daughter getting married.

What is he going to do tomorrow? I don’t think he’s made up his mind what he’s going to do because he doesn’t know what day it is. Nobody’s told him.

How does the story end? The boys she’s engaged to says, “Won’t you come up and tell our friends how happy you are they’re getting married.” The old man says, “I never lie, but I’ll come up and meet your friends.” Who is now her husband. They’re not going to get any business. They’re two kids. They’re going to try to do it. They’re good kids, anyway. That’s all right. They’ve got the chance to go out and play or something like that. They can’t be perfect. That would be boring.

Is he going to make up with his daughter? Well, they always make up after an argument. They won’t stay mad. She’s knows better because she wants to inherit his money, and he knows better because he loves her.

STORY BY: Barbara, Tony, Thomas, Nelsa, Vivian, and Dottie

HELPERS: Terry and Sarah

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