Monday, April 19, 2010


They’re both going to see the same person, but he’s taking flowers of an entirely different arrangement than she is. That’s because he knows the girl casually. She knows the girl real well. They’re both real excited about going, but they’re not real sure about each other. Well, it’s been fun chaps. I’ll call you in two weeks. Wake up now. They’re talking about everything. They’re talking about hospitals. Where are they going with the flowers? To see somebody in the hospital.

He just stopped by and picked up the bouquet of flowers at a road side stall. She went to the trouble of getting an arrangement because she knows the person much better than he does. They’re both real excited about going to see her. It is a her. Why is she in the hospital? Nothing serious. Probably just felt like going. To rest? Yeah. No, just to get attention. Good idea.

He knows her better. He should. As long as he knows, everything will come out. What’s the woman’s name? Puddin-tay. What kinds of flowers are these? I don’t know any flowers. The kind on the right look like a mum of some kind. I have no idea what those are. With all the arrangements around them they must be something special. What is the man’s name? John Wayne. He’s a man’s man. How insulting to Mr. Wayne. You keep repeating it and it becomes strange to your mind. He didn’t look like that even when he was eighty. She looks like an Aunt Tessie to me. John is one of the most common names, especially in men. The man is my son, the one in the jacket.

The woman looks nice and happy. This earring is nice. I think it can be fixed. I found it this morning. They are both downstairs.

Who are they going to see? What’s the woman’s name they’re going to see? Claire. That’s dumb enough. We’re going to have a ball. Who is Claire to Aunt Tessie? Her niece. She just wants attention. She’s used to it. That’s why she’s got such a cheerful smile on her face. There ain’t nothing wrong with her. The most important thing is to have all this done right. Aunt Tessie said, “I know her. So there.”

That’s too bad. I want to take the Claire-option out of the picture. Two games. He must have thought of something strange. John Wayne has always been very popular. How he acted. He looks nice. Now we have everybody the same.

What do these flowers smell like? They don’t have any odor at all, unless somebody sprayed it on. They don’t have much on them at all, but they’re beautiful. What do they feel like? They’re real. You can feel the velvet. They smell like the outdoors. You can grow a new plant. It’s not that thorny. Here.

The flowers are nice and soft. Potted plants don’t have smells because they’re so busy growing. They don’t have time. The flowers are going to grow big. How big do you think they’ll get? If you put them in the ground, they’ll get a little bushier. They need more space than they’ve got in the pot.

See all these little babies. They’re pretty. This is something that the Lord gave. This is something they wanted to have, this potted plant. Let’s give them a break. $4.95. We’re very familiar with them. There’s more to them. We should see how they grow.

What do the flowers taste like? Who the hell would eat them? Not me. We’ve found a name. Experience. We have to believe that they’ll change. Who’s planning to eat one? I don’t know why. Everybody’s hungry. Even me. That’s one of the joys of plant life. Taking advantage of it all you can.

Where did the flowers come from? Probably from a florist. Some of the flowers came to your house, because I didn’t have any flowers. They were shaking. What did they say? “I’m shaking.” You guys are bigger, so you’re going to be big shakers. I can’t imagine. They were shaking because it was cold. She’s just using her imagination. Wow. The Spanish people say, “Rosalitos.” They love the way they look. I said, “Oh my goodness,” and then we just wanted to go someplace with the flowers to show other people.

Over here, they’re not like that. Where would you go with these flowers? I’d take them home. If it were me, I’d send them to people that I know. Flowers are nice when people have weddings. You can wrap them up and take them. They’re very pretty.

From now on, everybody’s got to give more. Tony, if these were your flowers, what would you do with them? I’d throw them out! Look at all these beautiful flowers, here. It would be nice if we could just breeze through it.

What do the flowers think of us? Flowers think? Horse-hockey. I see my son with no hair. If you look for a dress, we can make it. The flowers don’t like us breaking them off. They’re some of the most beautiful flowers. I don’t think the flowers think. Maybe they can. If you ever watch the flower, I think they’re beautiful. Do you think they’re happy? I really do. You see them all the many times they come around and they’re talking.

They’ll be dead tomorrow morning. The one ya’ll had out. This place is big.

Must be cold there. Aunt Tessie is wearing a scarf. Their shoulders are hunched up. How should our story end? It’s pretty hard to get into a hospital if you just want attention. Is that a bird in the corner? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s superman! He’s going to fly above them. I just wanted to see him.

STORY BY: Barbara, Nilsa, Patricia, Betty Kelly, Tony, Dottie, Erwin

HELPERS: Terry, Seychelle, Collin, Sarah

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