Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the Porch

The three of them are taken in by their parents who said, “We want this project to succeed, so you have to create a square for the community afghan, which will be sold and given to charity.”

“Do I get to come over for Michael?”

I think the little boy on the end here with a ball of yarn in front of him is going to make the best one. His name is Edgar. The girl’s name is Joy and the other little boy’s name is Timothy.

“I wasn’t doing nothing,” Edgar said. They’re not going to give them nothing. I know who got you. You’re supposed to remember all of this. Everything’s is fine.

It’s nice. Give me a kiss. Okay. On the mouth. Okay.

Can I have one, too? Yes. I knew they’ve always been like that.

Candy. I want candy. Who’s turn is it?

They’re knitting? Where do you think they are? Yes. They’ve got knitting needles. Looks like one thing they have. There’s their cord. Now what are we going to do with it? I used to knit a lot. I don’t see anything started yet.

Hello, where were you?
Yeah, that’s true.

What were they doing before they were knitting? They were trying to find their knitting needle in a haystack. They grew up in the same neighborhood. You want to be different. This girl I worked with used to knit.

I would say the little one on the end causes trouble.

Where’d you think up this dumb game? He was with Earl.

I never did this, but I’d like to learn how. How long have they been knitting? Not long. Probably just started. You don’t see anything that’s knitted yet. They’re just learning usually, like a scarf or sock puppet. Yeah, that’s a good one. Yes. I think they’re making sock puppets. What? You don’t know what a sock puppet is? Never heard of it.

Why would they be making a sock puppet? I’d like for rather him to look like that girl. I’ve not seen him. Maybe he’s making an individual one. Yes, so each one has their own sock puppet. The one on the end isn’t doing much, so I think his won’t have a head.

Does there have to be something in that box? Looks like yarn coming out of the box. Oh, the yarn is going down the side of it. I can’t make that out right there. I used to knit all the time. There’s a bag to put it in.

What time of year is it? Is that people down in there? I’d say it’s spring time. I agree. It’s not winter time yet.

This is a regular table. Yes, ma’am they are in our goose. This I have to marker and had to buy some this time and last and when I do, I know what I’m going to do, because that’s fall because that’s someone who has six. And she’s put another diddy on it. Yeah, honey. Candy.

Where did they learn how knit?

Well, any kid can watch his mother do it and then pick up the needle. It’s a simple thing. I’m sure their mothers encouraged them to knit. I tried knitting once, but it didn’t turn out for me. It takes a long time to knit a garment. Does it take a long time ? Yes it does. She was just adding something. There are so many different kinds of stitches.

My mother was a beautiful knitter. You can see sweaters and they have different holes so you have to learn how to do different things. One time I was going to eat with them. Earl did. They don’t look particularly hungry. We’re all going to have to get it. They have their own mind about where they want to go.

This is not a circle. They’re all together. I’m not going to without being up there. With all the others? Yeah, that’s who it is. No we don’t have any bait glasses. This girl, she don’t want to go.

As I came back by she wanted to see what they sewed. You can put mine in here if you want it honey. What are you doing here? Here I’ll get you. These are these. He said he’s not as good as she is. That’s alright. She wants to add up all night and run for it.

Two people. I think the boy on this end doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think we should do it all together. Well, hell he watched mother doing it all the time, but they’re teaching him. You better get. I like shorts. Yeah, because she’s out snagging all the time. Well, that’s not why I wear shorts.

I wish that would heal up. How did it happen? I was attacked by a savage bear, but boy, he didn’t last long.

I was wondering if this is real knitting? They’re crocheting. You need two needles to knit, and see, here, there are two needles? That’s a crocheting needle that the girl in the middle.

He’d much rather be banging with a hammer and nail somewhere.

They all look pretty peaceful to me. Then they’re going to like me. They’re having too good a time to be punished. Easy for me to say. How many can you have? Who’s porch are they one. Ha, ha, you doubt it? The two girls on the end have dark hair, but the middle one has some white streaks. That’s what I say.

Did we ever say where they are? Where do they live? They live down the walk a bit. Would you give me about five swigs? I never would have found that many questions, would you?

She’s crocheting, you can tell by how she’s lifting the needle. I don’t know what he’s doing. This one is longer and better.

I need to go. Where do you need to go? My house is in a different place. I’ve got a big sister. My mother knitted some of the most beautiful dresses which came in two pieces with skirts and tops. And she taught us how to knit. I was the oldest We knitted our white dresses for graduation.

What do you want to do with two doolly bars?

My mother made clothes. My mother knitted sweaters, my sister was a designer who designed many clothes for Broadway. . I’ve got the programs from all the shows. My favorite was “Dinner at 8.” I saw some of the top stars on Broadway. There were four main characters and quite a large supporting group about a dinner party this one person was going to give. I gotta go home. He’s going to do it for him.

See there’s a bun there. Mother came through the door, and said it’s time for dinner, so they all got up and went home. All three of them? Yes. All three of them.

Gussy, Barbara, Dottie, Betty Kelly, Toni, Vivian, Kennedy, Collin, Terry

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