Monday, April 5, 2010


What do you think of these kids just wanting to dig in? Can’t tell if it’s an honest-to God-doll or if they just made it out of the snow. They’re happy. I think it’s a real snowman. No, it’s not.

Why are they making the snowman? Hell, there’s snow on the ground! This is the kind of thing the school requires. Edie is my husband’s daughter. She’s giving a donation. These are just some kids in the neighborhood. You want their names? They have to have an adult with them. I used to see them all the time. I know them, but I don’t remember them. It’s been quite a while. The boy’s name is Frederick. I don’t remember the woman’s name. What makes you think that? We learned last month who was who. One day the people came and gave me a big heart.

In the mornings, sometimes they like to eat food. Are you a teacher, too? I’m not one, but I think I am. You’re not as good a singer as I am.

What is the girl’s name? If she had to operate with fire, would that be news? Her name is going to be Sarah. That’s an interesting supposition. Not really, really. You can have a correct elbow. What about Ethan? That’s more of a boy’s name, so you don’t want that. The parents bring them paper. I love the apples. Now you made me thirsty for a big drink. Forgive me, I’m going to interpret. Something like this needs more.

How do these two kids know each other? They’re neighbors. They get along really well. Did I tell you that Dottie has a beautiful face? Pretty lady. Nilsa has beautiful nails.

Does Frederick have red eyes? No. Neither one of them. Why would his eyes be red? Because he’s been drinking all night! He’s a high-ranking officer.

How old are they? They’re six.

We’re going to have to cook a cake. Are the kids going to have cake? I don’t know about them, but I know about me.

What else is of interest to young children? You can tell that they’re both interested. It’s nice. They need to get in touch with an adult. The little boy looks strong. How can you tell with all those clothes on? They’re two just very average little kids. No kidding.

The girl is a sugar person. She’s beautiful.

What are the kids going to do next? Knock it down! I think the little boy is going to be nice. How should our story end? Well, that’s about it folks. See you next time.

STORY BY: Nilsa, Dottie, Patricia, Erwin, Barbara


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