Monday, April 5, 2010


Mommy is holding the baby up to the family so it can be seen and appreciated. She’s just thrilled to have it. I guess it’s a little boy because it’s got blue on. That’s a lovely picture.

What’s his name? What’s his father’s name? He just be a junior whatever. He’s a third. Somebody something the third.

The men they were talking about, they have everything. They kept on rolling, rolling, you know. I remember that my husband used to tell me, “Nilsa, don’t worry. Go knock on the door and talk to those people. Everything’s going to come out fine. We have a plan. We’re smart. We work and we don’t care what anyone says.” My son started playing the saxophone.

Is this boy a newborn? Why do they have fins? They got to swim! They swim, that’s how they like it. Just for a little while, not all the time.

What is the father’s name? Flip-Flop. The baby’s name is Flip-Flop the Third. Poor baby. He should be known as “I shall overcome.”

This is sad-looking, don’t you think? Is that a dog?

What is the woman’s name? She should say, “Not again.”

Where is the father? Maybe he didn’t want to come. He said he’s going to the water. What you’re doing is a good job. So he’s going to let her do it and he’s just going to stay back and relax.

There might be two kids. Where is the other kid? Go find him! I thought he said Papaya. The things that are most beautiful are the pictures of people. God created this.

The person who took this picture was a professional. Why is he taking a picture of this woman and the baby? Maybe they requested it. Maybe they’re going to pay him for it. When I was a little girl, all the little kids were together. We were trying to sing. Any little thing could happen. Since I saw this picture with the pretty lady, I realized we can conquer the world.

Where are they? A public swimming pool somewhere. Or a shopping center or something.

I thank God that at least we have our children.

The mother’s name is Ladyfish.

Why are they at the shopping center? They’re shopping. What are they shopping for? When you’re shopping, really just everything. Whatever’s the cheapest. It depends on the type of store she’s in. What type of store do you think she’s in? Probably a dress shop, looking for a dress. I doubt it, because it doesn’t look like with those kinds of legs she’s going to be wearing a dress.

Why would she be buying a dress? Well, heavens, everybody buys dresses. Maybe a birthday present for a friend. Maybe she wants an evening gown. Maybe she’s going to a ball.

She was invited to the ball. Because she likes you-know-what. Who is she going with? Does she have a husband? She must have. If she can wake him up, she can take him. If she isn’t married, she’ll go with her boyfriend. I know when my husband and I would go to a dance I’d go out and buy a new gown.

They’re going to go home, count their money and see how much they have left. She’s going to catch hell and the kid’s going to rest easy. Typical.

If they get home in the evening, they’re probably going to look at the television. Not if there’s not something interesting on. They’re probably watching the latest news.

What city is in? Cincinnati. As far away from the ocean as they can get. That would be a hard decision to make. Do you want to go to a local school or do you want to go out somewhere and be different? So he could say, “At my school, this is the way we do it.” All the other kids sit around and say, “Oh, really?”

Is the kid going to school? Eventually, when he gets older. I don’t think we should deprive him of that, just because he’s got a tail.

Do you know that your mother looks like you? You never know what God is trying to plan. He’s big. You never know if He carries rings and stuff.

It looks so sad. I was looking for the house. This picture is very made-up.

What do they like to do for fun? He doesn’t have much of a choice. He has to do what his mommy tells him to do. She tells him to go swimming. Does she have any other children? She’s got at least two. She’s got a boy and girl.

How should our story end? They lived happily ever after. Once and while she gets to go to a ball.

STORY BY: Betsy, Dottie, Nilsa, Tony, Barbara

HELPERS: Collin, Kennedy, Sarah

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