Sunday, May 9, 2010


They’re listening to my voice. Who are these people? They’re weirdos. They’ve both got on top hats from a costume place. They’ve got lots of ritz crackers there. He’s barefooted, I think. It looks like it. What are they doing there? They just finished a convention. Just like this here, this convention. They’re killing us. Candy.

It looks like New York City behind them. Trying to think of the hat that the lady wears and actually they looked like hats last worn in London. Makes you think of what’s his name, the author. He was born in London. Charles Dickens’ novel. They’re supposed to be at a home this afternoon.

What are they doing there? They’re growing up. They’re expecting somebody. Whoever they’re running away from. Who are they running away from? Barbara Weiber. They’re running away from anybody that saw them. Are they trying to hide? Not wearing those outfits. Why are they dressed like that? They’ll do a lot of fancy things for clothes.

What are their names? Stupid and stupider. Stupider, yes. His name is Walker. First name, of course. Anyone can see that. Rob Rockward. Her name is Quinn.

Tough. Yep. We call him Rocky, for short. I don’t know if they’re looking for their husbands or somebody else’s husbands or what. I don’t know them personally. This is tough. No, they’re too young for doing that. They’re very young and neutral. You can’t tell anymore whether they’re young or not. Do you think they’re looking for one guy or who are they going to find? Move on or I’m going to toss you out onto your rear end!

They must have lost a bet. How come they got so many hats on? They were just betting. The other couple said, “I bet you won’t do it,” and they said, “I bet we will.” Now they’re just sitting there making an ass of themselves. Excuse me, I mean a fool of themselves. What kind of hats are all white like that? Why would they carry that many hats with them? I don’t like those hats. They all look alike to me. They’re probably in some sort of a production and they all had hats on.

Well, they’ve got several—a lot of hats. Where would they hang that many hats? We all put them there. It is rough. Why did we put all of the hats there? That’s a really interesting question. With all these fences around them, why do they need so many hats? Especially so many alike? Do you have all your hats alike? No.

You mentioned something about the quantity of fish. There are two horses in the picture. She’s washing something. That’d be a good thing to do.

What do these people want? Attention, I guess. Is that soap they’re using? They have a tremendous history.

Why do they want attention? Obviously they have something to say. What do they have to say? They have bad husbands in the middle of the field. What is it they want to say? God knows. They haven’t given any indication of what they want to say. A lot. Lots. That’s true. There are not enough women there. They want more women. The women are exposed. I suppose those are all women. They look like seals. I certainly learned a lot today that I didn’t know before.

What is in front of the woman? It’s a fountain. She’s not holding anything. A long stick or something. Both of her hands are on the harp. One’s on one hand and one’s on the other hand. Everything. I don’t think that’s a harp. It’s a reflection. It looks like a window to me.

What are they going to do next? Well, what are they doing now? Wait a minute. God knows. Pack up their little goodies and go home. Where do they live? Not there, obviously. Why are they dressed up like that if they’re going to be out washing things? Everything. I’m listening to an interesting conversation.

How do they know each other? Same classes at school. Is that a suit and a hat? They’ve all got the same kind of hats. They’re washing something. They must feel guilty about something. Why do they feel guilty? Why would anyone feel guilty? For running around with somebody else’s husband. Maybe somewhere about the dream. Where is this place? I thought it was a funeral home. It also might be a racetrack because it looks like there are horses back there.

How should our story end? I don’t think we’ve got much of a story going. Worse. It is. They might be with each others’ husbands and don’t know the difference. They’re just looking around. They haven’t found any husbands.

STORY BY: Betty, Bill, Erwin, Betty Kelly, Margaret, George, Barbara


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