Monday, May 17, 2010


This is beautiful. Look at the little doggie! He’s playing with all the little things. Very cute. He’s ready to talk to somebody. Who does he want to talk to? My son, but he’s not here yet. They have an animal, a big animal.

I never saw so many of those. What do you think those are? I like this one! They’re pieces to some sort of a puzzle. Could be. Those are two men and a dog. These people are going to be in the cardboard. They’re going to get a little bit of oranges and make it for the kids so the kids can eat. He’s a nice guy, too. You’re going to watch it. You can tell it’s for kids to come.

Sometimes I used to take this one to myself. That paper’s important. She was dealing again with that and he was crying. Everything’s going to be fine. Just be yourself. I remember when I was a young girl I used to buy so much stuff. He’s going to be fine. Remember this: it’s already made. It’s beautiful. That’s what God has given us, something special.

The two men are just friends. I just want for him to know that I was into it. Into this. But he’s a good, good guy. And a cat. What’s the window for? I don’t see a window. It’s beautiful. They’re good people. What are they doing here? I’m going to talk to this lady. What is the animal’s name? Have we talked to him yet? What would we ask him? I don’t have any idea. I just wanted to know who he was. He looks like a nice dog.

What are these two guys doing? Who are they? Just friends. Of whom? Each other. They’re family. How are they friends of us? Well, we have a picture of them that’s been passed around. We’re just learning about them. What are their names? I have no idea, but why is a cat bigger than they are? The cat’s closer to the camera. I’m thinking like that. What are they doing? Making a mess. They’ve got guns. Don’t have to worry about the mess.

What does it look like to you? A puzzle. Is that a real cat? What are those men? You don’t have to be too close. Is it a submarine? It looks like it’s on the outside. It was the son out there about a year ago. The man is going to come over.

What are their names? Puddin n Tane. Ask me again I’ll tell you the same. That’s his name on his shirt. What is this, a racetrack? I don’t think so. Where are they? They’re in here with us. It looks like they’re in a game room because that’s definitely a ping pong table they’re sitting at. This is two pictures glued together. Sometimes they have to be like that.

The kids get happy. Are these two guys happy? Yes. What are they happy about? They’re very content. Why shouldn’t they be? Push them together. That’s going to come out very nice.

What kind of an organization is this? What are the guys doing with the puzzle? They’re sorry they decided to try it. She looks good, but look at him. Are these official toys? Why do they have to be on the rugs? I don’t think so. That’s where they opened the box and took all the pieces out. Where is the box? I’m not sure.

What kind of puzzle is it? God only knows. A puzzle to kill cats. We have to leave the ladies. They just need to leave it there. It looks like there’s two or three puzzles in there. Two or three? There’s more than that!

What does he have his foot on that thing for? It looks like an ear of corn. I don’t think so. They’ve made an A W R. What would that be?

Why is the thing against the wall? That looks like a violin case. I imagine the guy in the black shirt plays the violin. I don’t think he can get it right.

Food is food. Everybody loves it. Just take it easy and use your head. God has a purpose.

If the guy in the black shirt plays the violin, what does the other guy do? Doo-diddly, I don’t know. It looks more like a girl than a guy. Where do you get the violin? I was trying to figure out who that was. This guy is wearing a different shirt. She’s doing really good.

Are those shoes? What does the cat think of the puzzle? I’m afraid we’ll never know. Why is that white spot on the violin case? Maybe something is sitting in front of it. Betty thinks there’s a submarine outside. Yeah. Probably showing inside. She likes to be showing the other guy how to do it. There’s a cat! Do you like cats? That’s a big cat! At first I thought it was an elephant it was so big. It was taken so close to the cat.

It’s good to have something like that when people come to the house.

STORY BY: Gussy, Patricia, Dottie, Betty, Nilsa, and Barbara

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