Friday, July 15, 2011

Be My Friend

Brother and sister in the park holding hands, cute as they can be. I’m not sure who is saying goodbye to who, I don’t know much about youngsters these days, I just sit inside and listen to the others tell me about what is going on. Two children playing in a compound of some sort and one child has a bird that he is holding up, the other child is looking at it, and I expect that they are intrigued by this bird. It seems like it is a pet. Families have been given a place to live. The two children have come across a parrot; someone’s pet has gotten away. It is obviously quite tame. I don’t even know where the picture was made. That is all I can talk about. I can’t talk about it. They are playing ring around the rosy. This was here before. They are working full time. A place where they can play, a part that is educational and Christian-like where they are taught how to… I don’t really know what they are teaching. They are trained in a care-center. Each one has to put in his part. They are going to play. They are already playing. They are watching the parrot. I’m not used to them doing that. They are holding it. The parrot belongs to the boy with the blue shirt. There is a big floor like a gymnasium. Do any of you know of a place where they would like to have children my age? I am an unwanted child. Not necessarily. I would like to look for another home. These are two stranger or else they would be hugging. This might be a displaced person compound and the parrot is a displaced animal or bird. The children are being gentle with it. Something attached to its leg because it escaped from his home. They feel a kinsmanship with the bird, which is unusual for children this age. There is no way to know whether this bird has a vocabulary. She wants him to go somewhere he hasn’t planned to go. He may be the one doing the talking if that’s the case. They have ways to reach the destination. Is that in France? I remember when that picture came out. I’ve only killed myself. That’s all. I’ve never killed anyone else. Johnny and Kim, whatever that translates into their language. Johnny is showing Kim the bird, and they feel like they have come across a beautiful treasure. They are well-behaved, but if they go of by themselves maybe the won’t be. These are trained children. Their parent’s don’t know what they are doing. Neither one of them are crying. The parents are behind something. The parents are working in the fields. There is a caretaker of some sort watching over What one thing I could do to make them remember what I did so they won’t forget me? I wish I knew what it was. I smile. Hold hands. Don’t say anything bad. I hope they can see through me and see I want to be their friend. They are not fighting, and that is a good sign. Maybe if you went by the school and showed them those children do you suppose they might know? I don’t live here like you do; I just live here once in a while. Polly wants a cracker. If so, it is ironic, because these two children are hungry and they want a cracker, too. I bet if they had a cracker they would give it to the parrot, even though they are hungry. They look like very kind children. If the teachers are dead, it will be a good story as long as they are ready to go. If they are not ready to go and they die then it will not be too joyous. In their conversation they locate part of the things have been doing so they can do it again. And they will look for somebody, for one of the parents. Whatever they do, they will do it together. That’s the way it goes, that’s a good idea

Phil, Henry, Mabel, Gretchen, Jeanne, Ruth Ann

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