Thursday, July 21, 2011

Costume Party

The tall lady is in charge. Someone's holding it back, not letting it go. The boy in front is having such a good time. Looks like a sign says, "Art Gallery." I don't notice it, but I wonder if they are having a meeting. They might be planning on doing something with that piece of equipment on the left. They are walking to see something. It's a group of children in costumes having a parade down the middle of the street. They probably made their simple masks in the Art Gallery. If it is Halloween, then there will be many sections marked for coming and going. They will need to push all the cars out of the way so they can see the program. If they can't agree on things it will cause an argument. In general, they do not coordinate together in groups because they come from different schools where they are not all taught the same thing. They have different lessons; it's a free-for-all. Only two grown-ups are required to be there. There may be other grown-ups on the sidelines keeping the kids within the boundaries. It depends on how big of a town it is if they are going to an exercise program or a party. Curiosity gets the closer to what is going on. The party dwindles down to just a few. It's just one of those things. In a political parade, everyone has extra masks and appendages. There's someone on a loudspeaker running for office. Since it is as dim as it is, there are only children. No old people! It has to do with politics. They can look at children's art, have refreshments, and the politicians will meet and greet individually. Do you oversee, overseas? That's understandable. Costumes and pretenses, but children just have fun.

Gretchen, Jeanne, Mable, Alice, and Alice

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