Friday, July 8, 2011

The Madding Crowd

A bunch of people together enjoying life, laughing and joking - it’s a carnival atmosphere on the street, with cubicles set up. It’s probably the Winter Park Spring Festival, an art show. The weather is nice and fairly warm. Maybe rain will come later.

This older guy in the front looks like he’s one of us, the way he’s dressed, the way he’s combed his hair. He must be happy for the trip, but he didn’t come from far away. He found a temporary home there in the neighborhood. He is the leader of the group. There are a lot of followers who are just as interesting.

The one with his back turned has seen something. She is a safety type of person, looking for something to prevent an accident, to prevent something from happening to the other people. I don’t know for sure where they are going. It depends on how good of friends they are, whether the others will trust her as a leader to show them where to go. That way they wouldn’t get in trouble.

This character with the blue shirt looks like a helper who tries to sell the paintings and the wares. He is only responsible for this one particular tent.

The girl with the sunglasses has her arms full of things that she has purchased already, some glassware from one of the vendors in the booth.

A sudden, heavy rainstorm, which they don’t seem to be prepared for, begins. And having participated in a hundred, a thousand outdoor art shows, they would hide in the tents, totally hiding in all the art there until the storm lessened. The artists would put plastic over their artwork. Total confusion. The crowd will thin by at least 50%. Plastic to put over paintings and sculpture, to keep their work dry, to protect the work - all outdoor artists come equipped with that stuff. If they come equipped with tents to put their work under, they are prepared.

The guy with the visor will take his hat down and run with the crowd. Even though he’s overweight, he won’t have any trouble running with the crowd.

The one with the glassware in between the others would get really scared, not only scared for herself, but concerned for other people as well. She might be concerned about her glassware breaking, scared about the jostling crowd more than she is concerned with the stampeding crowd.

If the crowd scattered they would have to get back together to go home. There would have to be someone to supervise the whole thing.

Henry, Gretchen, June, Maybel, Jeanne, Alice

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