Friday, July 29, 2011

Gangsters in Chicago

The people who work there decide to remove part of this big, thick column in order to have more space for parking. The guy is trying to sell something. Apparently they approve of the occasion. I don’t understand the direction here, the flow of water is about all I can say. What kind of liquid is being used from under the ground to above the ground? This material they are trying to move is chemically dangerous. These are special forces - anyone who comes here will get gas in the stomache, so powerful that a person could be sick.

A man and a woman are dancing there. Up above it says "Josef." Josef must have something to do with it. It looks nuts to me because they are yelling at each other and pointing high. Why don’t they go up and be done with it?

While this action is being taken in a big, big, big scale, any antique tree should be left alone for the signal to people who are complaining about it. In the past, this was a beautiful country or land. Save it for a few seconds. Preserve your health. Save money for the barber shop. People who use this kind of a passage, this is a healthy way of preventing some trees which are still growing. Eventually at that rate, the trees will be cut down, and everyone will be sorry. Everything grows back into the ground.

They are pointing at what they know. They want that mouth to shut up. They know already, but what about the rest of the population? They need more space! How many people will come and be crowded, and disappointed with you, disgusted, and turning back home? Consequently, when the work is so hard, trying to preserve stone and trees is very popular.

They are pointing at the camera, because they want you to see what is ahead of it. People who are trying to remove the camera are trying to grow higher and higher, to trim as much as possible, to build a special building for chemical expansion. They are debating about what they should do. The man on the right seems to know what he thinks should be done, he is satisfied with the idea that they should go ahead, continue what they have started. They must see somebody somewhere. They are trying to get attention, to watch for the bad storm if you go out.

She’s had enough, yelling with that arm way up there. He’s fed up with that, too, pointing up to her. The camera belongs to someone else. People are very proud of their names and want their names on walls that are highly visible. At the same time, the government accuses and makes people work hard so it can be strong as possible.

In all probability, they had a close encounter several times when people who were too far from each other were questioned deeper, deeper, deeper into the ground. Josef, the owner, is on the sidewalk telling them how he feels about the whole thing, how he approves. The others don’t approve of what is going on, because they are trying to figure out what the camera is doing.

It doesn’t seem like anyone is asking to change. They want to prop each other up to reach the camera. In all probability, it is a well known fact that when you take something to the post office, it is not good to be as delicate as possible, but do a job that is very secure. He is telling the cameras that they want to decide what is the better idea: to talk or to dance.

Trees with out support from the ground will not be growing properly, the skin detaches, and then they have a 50% chance of being male or female, and then the wheel on the sidewalk will go riding up the building.

They decide to talk. Nobody ever is able to dance and be acceptable by the rest of the crew. It is questionable. Some people want to have no part of it. Certain items called food and certain items called leaves and other things - those people will just change temperatures of weather, to conflict and dilute, cause damage. And things fall down.

They want to get rid of the camera. The camera is not very heavy, so they can take it down. If they had a ladder, they could reach it. This picture was made so that passersby would know. They passed by and left their bicycles parked there. Those parts should be used, traded; look closely at the problem. They open up their mouth, and they are surprised because those particular items are very easily attached, repaired, and reattached.

Young people are not very happy being locked up in small territories with small actioning. They all want to read something about their country, watch movies that are highly appreciated. Let’s be honest, they are not supposed to come close to the point where they can touch the camera. People who live in this place take an interest and think it should be removed.


Get rid of all this stuff. They are successful. It needs to end. They all go home and leave the letters on the wall, J-O-S-E-F, and they study the camera to see how and why it happened.

Joetta, Joseph, Alice, Maxine, Gretchen, Henry, Alice

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