Thursday, January 19, 2012

Before and After- January 18, 2012

Barbara, Evonne, Stella, Alice, June, Margaret

"Before and After"

What would happen if one of the country folk ended up in the city? and the opposite?

Joe would go crazy. Joe has a wife and he has children, they have to be 16 to work all those tools. Depending on what the tools are. His children are taking care of the farm while he’s in the city. Yeah he’ll go crazy. He won’t like New York. I don’t think the average farmer will want to go to New York. He’ll get lost, it’s too busy, too noisy, and there’s no freedom. I mean there’s too many objects. No, I wouldn’t want to be in New York for love or money. Go to the empire state building. He will probably do it alone but there’s always someone in the elevator with you. He’ll get friendly.  Its not easy to get friendly with people in new York.  Tell him to go jump off the Eifel tower. He can’t make friends because everybody’s in a hurry and they’re not interested in giving him information because they are all interested in going home or going to get something to eat. If I were him I’d run like mad to get away. Joe is startled by the city. He’s going to see one of the shows. He has to adapt. Joe's wife has decided to come along. She’s use to all the country stuff. It’s going to be different for me. She’s used to having a garden, doing things at home and always doing everything herself. She has to find new things to do in the city. They will probably have problems. It’s completely different there.  I don’t think they will be in danger. I don’t think they will stay happy because they are not used to that lifestyle and they don’t like all the people.  I think they will argue about staying in New York but eventually go back to the country. A lot depends on their age. They will stay married for awhile at least. There are a lot of things to do in the country If he wants to be busy, but if he doesn’t want to stay busy he won’t and they’ll divorce. It is their own business. They will stay married. They will pretend like New York never happened. The farm is a mess when they get back since the children were taking care of it. They are 16 so they better be on alert. The plants are overgrown and there are weeds. The animals are ok, the kids kept fed them and kept them alive, like you would with your dog. Maybe they will get into a little bit of trouble but not a lot of trouble. If it were me they’d be in a lot of trouble. They’d be in trouble with me, I can assure you of that. The parents will say go out there and cut the weeds and clean this place up. They didn’t have any parties. They don’t know what a wild party is. Everybody lived happily ever after, to each is own. 

What if we would bring one of the city people and put them in the country? Some would go crazy. Some would enjoy the outdoors. They’d have free roaming. They’d have the freedom they don’t have in the city. No, I don’t think they’d like the country. There’s too much space and not enough people. The New Yorker would be thinking get me out of here. He’s just going to walk around and look at the trees and the countryside. Not have to deal with the traffic and the noise. They are going to farm.  He’s going to do the same thing quite different. Everybody’s going to go back to what they were used to and see no change.

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