Monday, January 9, 2012

Living Happily Ever After

This is our fiftieth anniversary party - in sickness and in health. I saved his life more than once. I kept calling the doctor all the time, and the doctor would check him out. I’m very grateful.

Betty is a good worker. She picks up the rubbish. All the people wanted to have a party.

Mary has her hand on her face, and she’s talking to her friend.

They are all here in chairs, all lined up. They are all hired for the job, to be in the dining room. During the day in the basement with liquor or coffee. After they eat, they are yacking, exchanging comments from different ones.

Rosemary is talking to her husband, telling him to get back to work. He wants her to go cook. She doesn’t want to, she wants to play golf. She’s pretty good at golf. Rosemary was in a competition and she won a piece of paper with her picture on it.

She just left him. Disappeared. And we never saw her again. I think she left him for good, not coming back. She felt sort of hurt.

He was flabbergasted and said, “I can’t understand why!”

The man with the horrible beard is not connected to me, and I am not connected to him. We will call him Jim.

We can’t call him Jim, it’s illegal. You are going to be responsible. Young lady, you are daydreaming. We need to hide this. [She tears up the picture and leaves the workshop.]

Way in the back are the suits. They are probably talking business, trying to get this thing done. The one girl is bored, drinking coffee in the cup, taking in everything that she hears. She is praying for everything to last longer. She says, “He will come back to her.”

Looks like the weather is hot with no sleeves and a backless dress. They are extremely satisfied with things now all out of control, in the beginning to enjoy, give property if they want it, and it looks gentle knowing that the outside is there. You can’t always see everything if you want to see it.

They will end the party depending on how it goes. The party people didn’t think Rosemary should have called in front of everybody.

He said, “You spoiled my whole anniversary!” After that, there were no more fights.

It ends that everybody was happy to come to the anniversary party, and they enjoyed it very much.

I drank all the liquor, and I had a good time with bells on. Betty cleans up all the mess. Poor Betty. I would say, “Please stay! Please stay!” I thanked everybody for coming and gave each of them a remembrance, a toy, a round thing representative of the company.

Henry, Margaret, Barbara, Betty, Margaret, Maxine, Evelyn, Anne, Alice

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