Monday, January 9, 2012

They All Settled It, Didn't They?

(Same photo, different story.)

A big play, and they are getting started on a production. They are discussing how to get started. They look different on the top, on the window panes. The lady with her hands on her face is just sitting there, just sitting there. She’s not in charge of the play, but she is thinking about what comes next. Now she is in charge. She is giving instructions about which way the place should run. The play is a friendly one, it is supposed to be half happy and half sad. The bad guys are in the middle. The one with the beard is named John, and the guy nearby is Alfred. The hero is the blurry one in the middle, a man called Jane. The hero is confronting the bad guys in the middle, and it is blurry because he is moving so fast, with such swiftness. [Will there be a fight?] No. The bad guys in the white, they make trouble. That’s a pair, these two. They work together. He’s getting ready to his other friend. They are having a talk. They will have to bring somebody else in it. They can bring this one, Claire, in it. Claire will get in trouble with Alfred, because she falls in love with John. Then the bad guys turn against each other. Have a fight between them and pick a winner. The other people will have to get in touch, get inside with them. Claire breaks them up because they are fighting together. The hero does not come in now, because they didn’t start anything. They probably get along fine. Not a fight, just people. It’s going to be okay. The little person must be getting mixed up with the bigger one. They are having words between them. Alfred is left out. So he should get in with John about what they are going to do next. John is a dog. That is a dog. He didn’t tell me what he wants. He wants to get the hero in the hair, pull the hair. The hero is a big lady with her hand way down to here [points at picture]. Looks like she is going to get in and tango with him. The hero gets tangled up with the picture on the wall. The picture is coming out of the top of her head. Claire will get friendly with this one here, have a brawl. They don’t fight. They fight. [Half happy and half sad, pick your own ending.]

Henry, Stella, Stella, Patricia, Alice

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