Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Couple Who Grew Up and Almost Got Married

By Ida, Patricia, Dorothy, Mabel, Gretchen, Ann, Margery, Margaret, Maxine, [Alice, Lana]

Some gal, isn’t she?  I’ve got one.  It would be hard for her.  I don’t think she could understand.  I never recognize them.  We don’t know them.  I don’t know what kind of names to name.  Andy.  I can’t say.  Andy.  What can I name her?  My favorite girl?  Rose, I guess.  We have to think?  What a story!  Doing a very good dance.  Dancing, yeah.  I think they’re partners.  They’re very minded about the dancing and very committed.  What else can I say?  [laughter]  What do you think?  She’ll be okay.  They’ll be okay.  Okee-doke. 

I think they’re just happy.  They feel good about themselves today.  I have no idea how long they’ve been dancing.  Lots of times.  They met out dancing. 

[Were they dancing with other people?] Yeah. 

[What did Andy say to her?] “Let’s dance.”  Rose said yes. 

[What kind of moves do they make?] Wide sweeping ones. 

[When did they learn to dance?] 

Night school.  When I got married.  Between grade school and night school.  In the service first.  I don’t know anything about the service now.  I came to find out.  How come they call her Rose?  They dance afternoons at school, when they have an hour for exercise. 

[How old were they when they met?] 

About twenty.  They knew each other when they were ten or eleven.  I wouldn’t know.  I was in the next county.  My sister knows.  I’m still the same Margery she knew. 

[Where did they dance when they were kids?] At school functions. 

[How old do they look in the picture?] 

About seventeen, eighteen, maybe twenty, but seventeen or eighteen at least. 

[How do they feel about each other?] 

They were in each other’s minds for a long, long time.  Part of that time they were close.  They’ve been together since they were kindergartners.  They liked each other quite a bit.  I’m gone too much.  I wasn’t that age.  I would like to make anything up.  They made up and started getting together again.  They were in love.  They started going together.  They were happy going places together. 

School children quite often are.  There are differences between them.  I don’t know for sure.  I’m taking a guess.  As far as I know, he might not have been called Andy.  Relatively know more about that than I.  He was friendly.  The girl was friendly, too.  They used to play together. 

Julia.  Not unless she had another friend named Rose.  I have no knowledge of that, whatsoever.  This is what I talked about, of her, around home.  I don’t want to unfriendly.  Rose is a girl. 

[Andy likes] 

baseball.  I was dizzy growing up myself.  So, no, you don’t sit around and ponder over sisters and brothers too much when you are older.  He was a nice boy. 

[What type of person was Rose when she was growing up?] 

Fell in love.  They did keep going out together.  She was an outgoing person.  She liked to go to the movies.  When they fell in love, they just realized their feelings for each other.

[Now that they are all grown up, what will they do?] 

They go to the playground and play baseball, football, softball.  I would not call them grown, I would call them half grown.  I’m talking about eleven or twelve.  No, I doubt it.  I would say not.  

[Who won the softball game?] 

The boy.  Probably messed up between boys and girls, boys and girls.  Celebrate! 

[Did they go anywhere afterwards?] 

They go home, probably.  I guess they were tired.  They probably played ball from the time they were in recess until the time they were in high school.  They probably were tired at night.  They did go home and do chores.  I know they had chores to do.  Watched TV.  The other children had cub meeting.  My children didn’t have, our children, our boys and girls didn’t have cub meetings until they were quite old.  Drive in to town and back again, after it is over. 

They tell them, “Visit our house.”  I don’t know how to play that.  Um… I’m not so sure about that.  By the time they were eighteen, I was twenty-one.  They talked about it, and they came to my house, too.  They wanted to find out if it was the house that he had written down, if it was good.  I was excited!  It didn’t go into it.  They were just kids.  They’re really not old enough for everything, but they liked to look at the books. 

The ones I just had, they made them in to [unintelligible].  Be together.  Don’t leave, don’t get upset.  He said, “I’ll be upset with you.”  It was a nice piece of paper.  This was the time around when they were giving away all the clocks, persons didn’t have to take it.  They could get in without it.  It was fine afterwards.


was working until midnight.  That late.  Worked late.  I’ve just got to reading them, that’s all.  Yep, they did pretty well.  That’s hard to say.  It is for me.  They have their ups and downs.  Good!  Pretty good, isn’t it?  Boy, I would love to see that one!

They get married and live happily ever after.  They each got married to other people!  We feel that way sometimes.  Not as old as I am.  Her name is Phil.  Phillis.

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