Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Roger and Gloria (Part One)

A man named Roger on his way to Heaven.  The lights behind him look like sky lights.  The colors bring him out beautiful, the bare ground is very nice.  He’s looking up and holding the light up in the golden background.  There’s an eye in the foreground that belongs to the one who wants to watch over him and keep track of him.  A beam brings the light, but I’m just trying to pour out what I hear.  He’s trying to get the light in the eyes, because he wants it there. 

It’s glorious!  The light is enough to cover something, whatever you are going to do, honey boxes in the background, a light in his hand.  Roger is touching his own hair.  The shine of the light is a halo on his head.  Red, like a lobster, warm, like a tree, and the bottom of the tree covers his face.  You can hardly make definition of his face.

He’s a dead Job - that’s my brother.  He put his own name, Job, but we’ll call him Roger.  He kept doing that telephone thing.  Roger is a musician.  Music is the whole soul.  Roger plays a violin that sounds like light and imagination.  I don’t think dilly-wamper is going to do it. Get all this together.  It sounds like Heaven, a light musical instrument.  He’s not afraid, dragging through the skull and bones.  It all shows up in the air. 

His sister plays the violin, too.  Her name is Gloria, like glorious, it sounds good.  Gloria is already in Heaven, waiting for her brother.  She has the ability to see him, more than he has the ability to see her, because he’s not there, but she is.  Things happen wonderfully up there, or miraculously, or gloriously, whichever one you want to use.  God’s hand at work, that’s what I think.  He’s in control. 

But the tree upside down on its head looks funny, real funny, and a horse, and a sleigh, and men, and animals, and a tiger in the back outlined in yellow, and there’s a big circle, and his shirt is sticking out, and that handball by his foot - God is not capable of fixing all of that.  God will add to it. 

We need to embrace Gloria, because she is in the story.  The picture needs to get bigger to embrace Gloria.  Will you see coffins and dead people everywhere?  Bring that picture next time, because it shows the story.  The graveyard shows something subconscious.  That’s a good point.  When we get to Part Two, we’ll embellish it from there.  We’ll bring it together, then.

Ellen, Ida, Philamina, Marjory, Anne, Jeannie, Earnest, Brenda

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