Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jack and Tom

By Patricia, Marjory, Ellen, Philamine, Barbara, Gretchen, Margaret, Ida, Evelyn [Lana]

Looks like a bunch of kids. They're very young, too...five, six, seven. Looks like they're getting ready to eat. They're got their fists clenched, getting ready to grab something. Their clothes are suits. Looks like a sort of uniform, some sort of class.

[Where do you think they're going?]

Looks like they're about to start scurrying; big eyes in a box is all I can see. Play, I would assume play. Hide-N-Seek, outdoor games, parents are probably working.

[Why are they working?]

I don't know. They're not supposed to, but they do sometimes. They might not have money. I used to work in a silk mill, stock and sell anything with silk. Probably the same thing.

[What're the kids going to do now?]

The kids will get ready for school, I think. How to read, write, and see about everything else. They're probably happy.

[What time of day is it?]

It's the morning. The parents will come home late in the afternoon probably. The kids will be home, too, I hope. They have supper. That's five children praying. I don't know probably nothing.

[What are they praying for?]

I imagine they're thinking about school, if they got in trouble and are going to get a whipping or not. I have no children, so I can't. I'm just looking at that; two eyes are off and one on. No! Yeah, you're right.

[What happened to the other eye?]

One of the kids (storyteller names him Jack) was hit in the eye, probably by accident by one of the other kids. Tom (the other kid) might have said, "I'm sorry!" He felt bad about it.

[What did Jack say back to Tom?]

What did I say? About eyes? The one working the best, I guess! Mad, Jack felt! Mad about it!

[What happens to Jack and Tom now?]

I assume they were friends. Well, they won't be best friends anymore. I don't think he would. It was an accident; it was not deliberate. He'll (Tom) start with an apology, help him (Jack) do something about it. It's a piled up mess!He'll help Jack get help with whatever problem he has. They'll go to their mother probably. I would think she would take him to the doctor and have an expert check his eyes out. Your eyes are the biggest thing in the world.

[How does Jack feel after seeing the doctor?]

He probably feels better. He forgives Tom, of course. It should heal the friendship. You could say it was a good ending.

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