Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Adventure into the Woods

Earnest, Gretchen, Mable, Joyce, Patricia, Margery, Helen, Ida, Anne, [Lana, Alice]

Talk about something you can make out of it.  They do look like they are trying to make something.  Camping kids and at least six heads.  They’re not emptying anything out.  They’re all working.  Enjoy themselves, build a fire for warmth and food.  Water.  They enjoy going.  Facilities to camp.  Are you camping around here or are you camping off somewhere else?  It depends.  Camping in the Smokey Mountains.  Lovely campgrounds there and facilities for people.  They can go see how beautiful it is, if they’ve never been there.  This looks good.  You haven’t been there.  You need to go.  The trees, flowers, wildflowers that bloom, a stream, lakes, and it’s peaceful.  You’ve got that right.  Squirrels, yes you sure do, lots of squirrels and rabbits, and sometimes a bear.  Be prepared for the bears, get out of their way or get something else to give them. 

Whatever time of day you go there, morning or night.  Shoe for boots.  Fix a snack or something.  Everybody likes to go camping in the spring or fall, when things have changed.  I love them.  It hurts so bad they have to eat something.  Look for the environment and animals.  Beautiful.  It’s uneven.  Warm and comfortable weather.  Mmm-hmmm.  That’s what they put on.  It’s beautiful when you get up there on the mountain top.  Let’s see you mountain climb. 

Exhilarated.  I think so.  They would still be sleeping up there.  They’re not afraid of nothing.  Not yet.  The water isn’t running.  The wrong place.  People who come over there from cities.  Atlanta and any other city close by. They look for another place.  A camping place.  Camping area.  Where they have fires and water.  Do you want to go?   By the water, get drinking water, fix a snack, get ready for bed.  The Smokey Mountains are in the mountains, just above Gatlinburg.   Where they would be.  They’ve been told there was overnight camping, which there was.  They want to be in the wild.  She may have told them the wrong place on purpose.

They went to the wrong place.  Somebody had to be in charge in finding the right campground - all the comforts of home.  Closer to the city.  No.  Get wood for camping early in the morning before it gets dark.  Snack it up.  Sandwiches, fruits, cookies, candy, yeah! All of it!  You want to eat them.  They are thinking about what they can eat without having to build a fire.  It smells so good.  That’s when bears come in.  Bears know where it is.  Oh, yeah.  They’ll go where it is, too.  Come in at night and eat it all up.  Doesn’t the fire keep the bears away?  When we are trying to eat, yes.  Don’t you have a fire tender?  The people all tell stories and have fun.  The fire tenant keeps the fire going.  Fireproof.  The biggest guy we’ve got.  We’ll call him Big Guy.  He’ll scare the bear off. 

What happens in the morning?  I’m ready to go!  Get up at what time or whatever.  I’ll be ready.  Scared.  Don’t you think they go to bed too?  Went to sleep with the cubs.  They’re smarter.  They know.  A while. Look at all the animals, animals all around.  Lots of rustling and all that.  Yawning.  They would be fast going back, then they are going in.  They want to go home, they don’t want to stay somewhere all packed up.  They’re tired.  They are close neighbors and friends, all in the same neighborhood.  They know where they all want to go, and they will all shoot for it.  It’s exciting. 

You’re talking to someone who has never done that.  I’m new.  That’s the nicest part.  Not really.  Talk to experienced people.  Dirty and smelly.  Shower and go to bed, that’s it, that’s me.  I’ve done enough for that length of time.  That’s the truth.  The woman does all the work. Yes.  That’s the best thing to do.  We are all in agreement.  Little tiny red bugs get in your clothes, you can’t get it out.  Get alcohol or peroxide.  Make sure it’s dead.  Get the chippers off.  Good old home. 

The bear didn’t chase anybody.  That’s the nicest part.  Adventure me right in and right out, because I’m a city girl.  It’s a total turn-around.

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