Monday, October 26, 2009

Escaping from Enemies

Who’s that? What’s that? The girl is going toward it. There at the top of the tree. Well, she wasn’t there. She’s from the birds.

Who is the person in the picture, with brown hair? Her name is Jane. What is Jane doing? She’s dancing with Geneva. Jane’s gumming up the works.

Are all these nests up here? Quite a few nests. That’s all a tree. It wouldn’t get that big, would it? I can’t see the birds.

What is Jane doing up in the tree? She’s going to get the little thing. Is she a climber? She’s going to jump onto this one. Jane is a friend. We have two people. Are they friends?

Is she escaping or pretending to be? She’s escaping from the enemy. Who is the enemy? I don’t know, but she’s pretty clever. She’s dancing and singing. I never saw her before. Why is she escaping? What did she do? It’s somebody else she hardly knows.

What is this way over on the side? See this little thing here? Who is this? It looks like another person is hanging there. Which one of our friends is there? Well, someone is there because there is a guy standing there. Well, he’s got bloomers on. How come there are more enemies than friends? There are friends here, see?

Where is this bush coming from out of nowhere? What kind of a bush is it? She’ll tell you. It’s just a tree. It’s possible. Get them going. Is this a trick tree? See, it’s got glasses, and it’s got ribbons and what is this thing right here behind the girl? Why would the tree have glasses that big? It has to be an artificial tree.

Is that one of our men back behind there, with Jane? This is a branch of something, or is this a resting spot? Well, there’s only one of her. And she is too tied up, which is feasible, before they got there.

This is an awful lot of strange people. The one man thinks he has partial control. But he gave a signal to get all the guys who are coming from New Orleans. They’re surrounding the tree. It you look there’s little orange spots. I don’t know, but it’s something scary. Yeah, they’re surrounding the tree. They’re already there. These guys are so busy that they’re not noticing it. That color is close to the sky. This is all black. Why are the men surrounding the tree? They’re enemies. There are a lot of enemies, look. They’re not welcome, I can see that.

Why are they enemies? You could be right in there if you want to. Maybe I will climb a tree. Yeah, you can. I won’t. I just can’t do it. What if you could? Yeah. Would you climb this tree? Yeah. What would you do in this tree? Just take it in there and put some syrup on. I’d look for some of my buddies.

How could they get a tree that big all in one piece? That’s more than a tree. Look how thick those branches are. There are more guys surrounding it. We decided a bunch of them are coming right there. I don’t know why this tree is there. They’ve got all kind of weapons along with them. Look how small they are.

Jane is out there on a limb. She knows where she is. I don’t know. I thought I did.

Is Jane going to be able to escape from the men surrounding the tree? I haven’t heard anything of it. Yes, she’s going to escape. How? The seventh one she could get away from. She’s looking for those guys to come. Give it to him. She knows they’re enemies, but the rest of them don’t know. They don’t think they’re enemies. They’re just working on the tree.

She’s got a whole bunch of friends behind her. She’s the leader. What is behind them? There’s some back in there. I think these guys in the back are looking for trouble. She doesn’t know the enemies are attacking. She’s not aware of the fact that they’re surrounding the tree. One of her relatives probably got that tree.

There’s a lot of them. This is some place near heaven. I’m surprised that many people are there already. Why? Maybe Marcie is one of the enemies. Marcie’s one of the friends. Maybe she’s way up in this tree.

What about Jane in the tree? It doesn’t look like what I’m waiting for. I’m going to do some other things. What is Jane doing? It sure looks different. Yeah, it sure is. Yeah, there’s not too much to it. It looks like it’s on top of a mountain. That sounds right. It makes a difference, doesn’t it? Jane has long legs. They all look alike. We would have been something if we went to the whole shop. That’s where they were sitting. I haven’t been back there. I can’t remember anything about it.

Who are you for, this person or this person? I’m for Jane. There are two people there together in the picture. They’re a lot alike. I was looking like Jane. I’m a little different now. I don’t know if she’s an enemy or not.

It’s written on there that you should take it and bring it to me. There’s one of them. Three and one more. We’re all in this story. Vivian was the head guy. She is going to the other side. You let her go so easy. Maybe she’s going on a secret mission. Maybe she’s going to pull these people back farther than they think. We’ve got to keep them there now because we need them. We could get tougher. They all look younger than me now. It makes a difference.

Who’s on your team now, Betty? I’m surprised that Vivian isn’t on our team. Everything is a little bit different now, isn’t it? Well, what is the solution to the problem? Jane has got a lot of support around the tree. But the tree has a lot of support in the tree. The tree is only half grown. What is the solution to the problem? They’re all different. What if we fly off the tree? We don’t know what we’d do then. I was getting scared when I was in the tree there. I was halfway between them and me, and I didn’t know where I was.

STORY BY: Vivian, Betty, Patricia and Edna

HELPERS: Terry and Sarah

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