Monday, October 26, 2009

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

Who is that woman? That's me. It is out west. I have probably been there. Where is it? It is out west. I want to take a vacation, that's all. I'd like to sleep out west. So nobody can bother me. It is a pretty picture. Where is the diving board? I want to go swimming. I like to swim. She paid it twice. Just swell. Where's the lake? There's ice up there. What is her name? Well, somebody else. Because over there, see how that is? She's in the bus. Where is the bus? She's just wishing there was a bus. The bus is covered by the ice. Look, that's her arms. Is that a bathroom over there? The bathroom is for relieving oneself. Does this woman have a husband? Maybe not. I don't know. We will have to find when we see it. Is that what you were looking in, in that package? That sounds like it. How many cloud clusters do you see? That's not too bad. There might be flowers covered with ice. We haven't thought of a name for her yet. What is her name? Julia. She's quite a gal, isn't she? I remember the train. Oh gosh, yes.

The train is behind the ice cube. That's a big ice cube! Where is the train going? Ice skating! Can you show me? Is it somebody you know? Sure. Where does she live? Sacramento. She must be in Idaho. I would want to get out of that. That's a job. It started in California and it's up in Idaho. It's about three states over isn't it? What is she doing that far from home? Maybe she's got a boyfriend over there some place. How could she go so far from home in such a short amount of rest? It's not very close to Florida. Son of a gun. She might be really cold in those clothes. How old is she? Old enough to know better. Old enough to know to bring clothes. I don't think so. She's going to go diving. She might be on a diving board.

Where is Julia going to go after this? She can't go too far. She can't walk that far. The water is too cold. The diving board won't last forever. But that one will last a lot longer than a wooden one. She must just not get cold if she's wearing that. She looks like an Indian boy to me. How old is she? We can just make it up. Why not? This is supposed to be imaginary. She's sweet sixteen. She is pretty young. She's got sandals on up to her knees. That's the way it looks. Not good shoes to wear in the snow. They're all going swimming. Is that a he or a she? What's back there behind the ice? It looks like a whale to me. There is heat. The heat is coming from the sun. It's a beautiful sky. There is a tunnel going from Florida to this place. I thought so too, yes. Yeah, I knew. He talked about that before he left. I don't know what this brick thing is. Is that a female? You mean to tell me that they can slide over the tops of all these mountains? Unless they slide down! Is Julia going to ride the train after this? I didn't see a train in there, did you? Well, we think it may be behind the mountain. You know that song, “She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes, she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes, she'll be comin around the mountain, she'll be comin around the mountain, she'll be comin around the mountain when she comes”.

Those are really rugged mountains. She said to me take your turn and we'll go ahead and get started. And then he took it off. Did the whale freeze? Why is there a whale in the mountains? He swam there, and then he froze. He's a big one. I'm not sure that's a whale. Back there it looks like a bunny rabbit. Maybe there's a bunny rabbit in the mountains. It could be. We've got to find them out and go soon. Well don't go too far, because I want to stick my nose in. We know where they are. I could have jumped over that mountain myself. There is too much wind in there. What is this big whatever it is? What kind of animal is that? We told you about this place. It looks like where I was born. How should the story end? Well we just got started! We could continue it this week, or we could continue it now. It looks like she wants to fly. Is she going to fly? She is going to need some assistance. Do you want her to fly? Sure. Where is she going to fly? This thing bothers me. It looks like a pain in the neck. When I go there, I'll look around and see what I can find. Where is she going to fly? Where she helped me roll the Coke. I didn't get any of that Coke. She's going to go dipsy doodle. She should have a black headpiece. Where is she going to get the black headpiece? We're going to have to go to a Catholic church to get it. She's going to have to fly to get it. How is she going to fly there? Her headpiece is going to help her get there. It helps her fly.

STORY BY: Betty, Miss Peach, Vivian

HELPERS: Terry, Jessica, Sarah

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