Monday, October 5, 2009

Under the Apple Tree

I see a young lady sitting under a tree.  It looks like a beautiful woman.  As a matter of fact, I was outside. That’s pretty.  She had a whole page. 


What’s the woman’s name?  I don’t know.  That’s a pretty one.  Her name is Betty. 


What is she holding in her hand?  She’s holding her head in her hands. It looks like she’s holding something.


It looks like another person behind her.  Also, she’s got a hat on her head. 


He likes her party.  She doesn’t like him.  I don’t like him.  There’s trouble.  Yes, there is.  Right up here.  Ten troubles.  Right down there.  


What does Betty want?  I can’t see what’s under the tree.  Betty wants money.  Is it two dollars?  No, that’s nothing.


I think somebody might be getting apples.  It could possibly be an apple tree.   I think that’s what it is.  Where is the apple tree? 


He was having a good time. 


There are other trees beside apple trees.  Now, what kind it is, I don’t remember.  Do you like apples?  Yeah. 


Where is this woman?  It looks like she’s sitting down.  Just sitting down.  There’s that.  Okay. 


What is she holding in her hands?  That looks funny.  I don’t know where I’ll get them from. She just disappears.  Are those horses in the background?  She has long hair.  I thought it was. 


Who did I give my apple tree to?  Where was it?  In Indiana.  They’re popular up there.  How do you know this?  You told me.  Do you believe everything everyone tells you?  Yes.  I trust people.  You can’t trust me.  Why not?  I don’t trust anybody.  How can you trust anybody?  The man who took my apple tree was a real nice guy.  I should never have let him.  We’ll take them out. 


If you have an apple tree, which state is that?  Betty had an apple tree in Indiana.  Great big red apples.  I’ve seen an apple tree.  Not in every state in the union. 


Can we?  Yes, we can. 


What are these bright things?  Are they trees or are they horses?  Could it be horses with the apple trees?  If it’s in Indiana, it would be perfect.  There’s one for kids. 


Do the horses eat the apples?  I think you’re right on that.  A horse will gobble down an apple. What color apples do the horses like best?  Anything.  If you offer an apple to a horse, he’ll eat it.  I saw two horses right outside here about ten days ago. 


It doesn’t necessarily have to be in Indiana.  In the state of New York, that’s another place.  In the northern states they have all kinds of apples, big ones, red, yellow, green.  A fresh, new tree.  I’m not going to eat the whole tree.  Just the apple.  That’s what I was thinking. 


I just know that apples are very important in the state of New York.  When I lived in Iceland, which I did, we got them from New York, and it was great.  They just came to be eaten.  They were shipped.  All the apples from New York or any of those northern states were great. 


What else can we do with apples?  There’s all kinds of things you could make.  Apple pie, apple cake.  People love to eat apples.  They’re really good.  Betty is going to pick the apples.  Apples from the north.  Not way north, just north.  Good old apple pie.  With ice cream.  Do they make pies here?  Yes, they cook with apples here.  It’s like me.  Those are great big apples.  Yes. That’s what I want to get. 


That’s a pan.  There is it, right there. 


What is Betty going to do next, after she gets up from under the tree?  I don’t know where they are.  There’s good apples in southern California, too.  Is she in California?  No, it’s too hot down there.  In the spring and fall it’s beginning to get cold. 


It’s too sandy to grow apples in Florida. 


I’m from all over.  I think I was born in Indiana. 


I’ve noticed even outside here, in the back, you can’t sit a whole lot of things in the ground.  It is not easy to do.  I have tried it.  I had a big thing and I planted it but most of the time it would just die.  Gardening is hard in Florida.  It’s so hot and sandy.  I don’t like sand.  What do they grow?  Oranges. 


In Indiana there’s wonderful apples.  And snow.  We had everything. 


Where is Betty from?  Where there are apples.  From New York state. 


It looks like an apple tree, although it’s very heavily polished.  It’s very nice. 


What is the woman going to do next?  She’s going to pick some apples.  What is she going to do with the apples?  Clean them and polish them and eat them.  Cook them real good.  She could make applesauce or apple cider and make a great, big, sweet apple pie in the kitchen. 


STORY BY: Betty, Patricia, Vivian, Sudar, Miss Peach


HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah

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