Sunday, October 4, 2009

Optical Illusion

That’s probably a man.  It makes sense.  He’s trying to jump.  That looks like a cliff.  A man would be dumb enough to do something like that.  He’s never going to make it to the other side. 


Why is he trying to jump to the other side?  He wants to win the trophy. 


He’s not heavy.  He’s spry.  These are cliffs on both sides. He’s trying to jump over here.  I don’t think I would try to jump over a mountain for a trophy.  Maybe there’s money, too?  I doubt that. 


Jumping from here to here is terrible.  If somebody tried to do this, forget it.  It’s an optical illusion. 


Where is the man?  Where would there be cliffs?  He’s out west some place.  Where is he from?  I have no idea.  Does he live in the west or is he on vacation?  Is he having fun on a trip?  That doesn’t look like much fun.  Where is he from?  No telling.  Maybe the north? 


The cliffs scare me.  I’m Icelandic.  There’d be big cliffs and different stuff in Iceland.  I was used to that when I was a kid. 


Is he going to make it to the other side?  I think it’s just an illusion.  Someone would never go if he didn’t make sure he could make it first.  It’d be silly if they didn’t know the land real well.  He probably knows what’s going on.  There’s no way that anybody could jump from here to over there. 


I’m from Iceland.  People don’t think about this much.  They wouldn’t do that.  They know better. 


I was just looking at this.  He must have a good reason for jumping because there’s not that many stupid people in the world.  What’s his reason?  He’s doing it for a girl. 


He doesn’t look like a girl.  Maybe it’s an optical illusion.  I’ve seen some pretty rough places, but I’ve never seen anything like that. 


The rock on the right looks like a face. 


I was looking at the National Geographic and it was a new one and that was up in Iceland. 


It looks like a very dangerous thing to do this.  I think there’s a mirror behind some big rock.  They made a rock especially for him to jump over. 


The girl wouldn’t be impressed.  Would you?  There might be ropes down there. 


He’s trying to impress more than one girl. 


It doesn’t look that dangerous to me.  It might just be a joke.  He’s going to land because he’s already jumped it.  He does this all the time. 


There’s a turtle at the top.  What is the turtle doing there?  That’s for us to figure out.  The idea I like. 


You have to black and white it more.  The guy is jumping from one thing to another.  He’s way up here and they’re way down there.  He wants it to look like it’s big and dangerous, but he probably knows the land.  So you think the girls are watching him? 


There’s enough spaces down here, it looks like a big man.  It doesn’t seem likely that the man would be stupid enough to jump.  I think it’s an optical illusion.  Do you know anybody that stupid?  I hope not. 


The rock looks like a big mouth.  Do you know anybody that ugly? 


The girls are watching him. 


I don’t think anybody’s that dumb.  At least I don’t know anybody that dumb.  He’d have to be very bold to do something dumb like that. 


That desert doesn’t look very real.  The guy is running to jump over something.  There would have to be something in between the cliffs.  It’s kind of fun making these. 


Maybe that’s a turtle at the top.  It looks to me like he’s hanging on to something.  If this is an optical illusion, he could be jumping from two or three steps.  No man would jump that far in his right mind. 


What do we want his name to be?  Idiot.  But he’s pretty smart because he doesn’t have any obvious things that he’s hanging by except at the very beginning.  You could make a picture look like it’s really at a distance.  You could have three or four photographs of different things set in different positions. 


I just want him to make it over the water. 


Besides that, this face and this face and this face are like a mile apart and nobody could jump that far.  If this guy is drawing a picture on the wall, he would look this tall.  You could make a picture look like it’s real big and it wouldn’t be that big.  Down at the bottom, there’s a man picture, too.  There’s different sizes of people.  He’s just taken different photographs and stuck them together.  People can do some stupid things nowadays.  The face at the bottom is bigger than the face at the top.  It doesn’t look like a face, though.  It looks like trees.  The face on the right looks like a carrot.  A very wrinkly carrot. 


I was reading National Geographic and I was just reading it and they found animals frozen to death.  I think there are animals in this picture.  That might be a cow on top of a hill. 


He better keep his feet together or he’s not going to be a cow.  He’s going to be mush.


It looks like a rushing river he’s trying to come across.  They’re doing too many different kinds of things.  The man in the middle has a very big head. 


Do you think there’s one woman on the side or two or three or four?  She’s looking through something to see him.  She’s close to him.  How many ladies do you think there are?  You can’t really tell with a picture.  They can do a lot of things.  It looks like there’s two women standing together.  Maybe four or five.  They couldn’t talk.  You can’t talk as easy in the mountains as you do out here.  You can do a lot of things with photography.  What do the women say to the man?  They’re not saying anything important. 


At the top, it looks like the bottom of the ocean.  How can you walk on top of a tree like that?  It looks fishy to me. 


What is this man going to do next?  Suicide.  If he makes it across, what is he going to do next?  Do you think he’s going to make it?  He could have a lot of ropes and things around him so he’s real safe.   Is this going to be in a show?  Some of that stuff is fun to watch, but I don’t think that would be fun to watch.  It’s too artificial looking. 


If you look at the picture sideways, it looks like a big optical illusion.  It doesn’t look sensible to me.  There might be water rushing down.  The water comes through the mountains.  This guy must have gotten very upset.  They’ve already built a bridge across, because I don’t think there’s someone that stupid.  There might be a bridge there.  It might be in somebody’s back yard. 


This picture is beautiful. 


Do you think they’re taking a picture from the right or the left?  It’s a pretty good optical illusion.  I like this picture.  That could be snow between two houses.  I wouldn’t want to jump across it. 


How does this story end?  Rushing through the river.  He’s going to make it to the other side.  He could be doing it to impress the girls.  Some girls are easily impressed.  Are these girls impressed?  I doubt that.  These girls look too old to even be out there. 


This picture is three different places fit together.  It’s amazing how they can do that. 


STORY BY: Betty, Miss Peach, Sudar, Betty Kelly


HELPERS: Katie, Jessica, Sarah

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