Monday, October 26, 2009

A Secret Affair

It looks like two pictures. Those are two men. No, the one in the green is a woman.

What are they doing there? They’re playing tiddlywinks. Where are they? What kind of building is this? Sort of like this, I think. You better be careful, because you could be somewhere else. Yes, it does. It’s some kind of a building. Is this cement, or what?

What do you want their names to be? You never know, do you? Are these three men? I think they have something to say to somebody. What are they saying? They’re saying “yeah.” What have they been doing? Which one is it? Is that the one that’s living there?

The thing on the table looks like a birthday cake. She looks pretty well, doesn’t she? She does. I don’t know why they’d throw a birthday party with only two people.

Is that somebody standing up there? Looks like it. It could be a coat hung up there. I don’t know why it would be right there. This picture doesn’t look exciting to me. Does it to you? They’re just talking. It looks like a man in the back. What are they two women talking about? It’s hard to tell. She was shaving her legs this morning. How do you know it’s a woman? You never know.

It’s in some building, and somebody’s standing right there. Why do you think they’re standing there? It seems like neither of them is very big. I want part of it, or I want all of it. There’s the other one. Cause there’s a sale on Friday, I don’t know why. What’s she doing? For his grade.

I don’t think this is a very entertaining picture to talk about it. There’s nothing exciting going on. They’re not talking excitedly with their hands. Are they gossiping or making plans?

There’s some Reagans right there. What color are they? Yes, I’m glad to have you. A little bit pink. One of them was yellow.

One of them was a man and a woman. Whether there are men or women there. Is this one a man or a woman? It’s hard to tell. Let’s see what we can get. The table in the back has a man. What’s his name? His name is Hank. It’s an odd name.

What kind of a building is this? What is an imaginary name for a woman? That’s their wish, isn’t it? I wish it was. I don’t have any of it. I don’t want to throw it for you. There’s one. Stick it in the Keys. Let them have it. I will have it, honey.

I want to go. Where? I just don’t want her to go ahead. We can do these for today. She’s going this week. There’s the rest of it, right here.

The woman’s name is Amy. Which woman is Amy? How do you know they’re both women? They seem like us. Let’s get someone to take them down there.

What’s this window, here? They’re too close together. Is that a sign in the background?

Maybe there’s a horse back there. What is the horse doing there?

There’s got to be some reason they’re meeting there. It’s a strange place to meet. The two people don’t fit together. Whose birthday is it? How do you know it’s someone’s birthday? Is it what you want? Yes.

Why would three men and one woman go someplace? They’re there because they’re there. They do have a reason for it. I imagine this man and this woman are there without permission of the parents. Yeah. That’s an odd place for a young couple to meet. So why are they meeting there? Maybe it just happened that way. They come in there because they can sit together there and that’s what they want.

It looks like an airplane wing outside the window. It’s an odd place for a couple to meet. If they’re in love, why are they sneaking around about it? He has one. Her dad might kill the boy she’s meeting because he doesn’t approve.

Why are these guys sneaking around? One of them wants her ring back. It’s my ring, she says. It might be an engagement ring. They’re in an alliance together.

One, two, three, four, five. Five what? Some bras.

If they’ve got a serious thing to talk about, why are they so close to the other people? Why are the other people listening to them? It’s kind of rude, huh? Yeah. They’re hearing what they say.

There are suitcases. This is his last one. What’s in the suitcase? That’s the needy one. I hadn’t thought of it. Are they meeting and going away? We don’t know who’s going to be that way. Are they going somewhere together? No. That’s a big one. They might be planning to go somewhere together.

What kind of building is this? Is this an airplane wing? They belong together, don’t they? If this is an airplane, where are they going to go? They’re looking at each other, and she just wants ladies there. She doesn’t want that man there. They all look good. These are the two main ones.

What do these two people see in one another? Maybe they don’t like each other. Maybe it’s just a way for her to get away. Why are they sitting so close together? They look like they’re ehhh. Why is this couple listening in? It’s cold in this place. He needs to see it. This girl doesn’t like this boy. The two of them, they’re going to leave. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it? Why are they at an airport? What kind of building is this? Why are they so close together? That looks like an airplane wing. Do you think that’s a horse back there?

What does it smell like in the room? It smells terrible. It smells like real honey. Is Amy eating some honey? Yeah. Are there other smells? It doesn’t look too clean for an airport. They might have sugar there. What else, I don’t know.

Why would you bring a horse inside of a building? There’s a horse stable between the buildings. How else would a horse be there? It could be somebody’s coat. Doesn’t look like it, though.

I’d be careful which plane I took. Where do you think the airplane is going?

They’re blowing bubbles in the air. They’ve got one dish there. They’ve got their fingers on the dish.

Maybe this guy and this girl are having an affair, and she doesn’t like it. She’s got these guys in the back watching the guy in the front. That really does look like a horse.

I’m thinking of their families. I think there are three buildings and the horse is coming out of the building behind them. Maybe it’s one of their horses. Do airplanes have horses?

You going to get it? No, you’re going to tell me where to get it. I wouldn’t do that, would you? Don’t get it to her. I don’t want it because it’s a battle. She never gets her way, when he has it, the little boy. Where do you see a little boy? Maybe one of them has a little boy as a secret?

They don’t have good parents. Why would a mother and a father have all these problems? Maybe they are in New Jersey.

In the back it looks like a man. There they are, right there. You’d think that was a man. That could be a girl and her brother. Well, I know you know what to do with it. I think that this must have been a long time ago. He doesn’t want to see any of them. The horse likes to go “neigh.”

There aren’t many people in the picture. Where do you think they’re going to go? I don’t see how they can go so close to the ground. The picture is pretty, isn’t it? I like it.

How does this story end? I wouldn’t have a secret affair to begin with. Would you? Do they get on the plane? She just said, he came and said to bring his stool. They had that before. With all the problems they’ve got, they’ve got just a short time.

STORY BY: Edna, Miss Peach, Vivian, Patricia, and Betty

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Jessica, Dave, and Sarah

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