Monday, August 23, 2010



I raised four boys as a single parent, and they had all the little tales to tell every day.

He’s feeding everything and that little bird is coming in to get his share, that’s for sure. Who is that person? It’s funny you should bring that up. I skipped over it. There’s a whole thing in there.

At first I thought it was a man but now I think it’s a woman. What else can you see in the picture? Everything that’s there. This is funny. It’s the first thing I ever saw of this. What do you think it is? It’s going up!

I don’t know where this is anyway. I think somebody said he was standing around.

What’s a good name for this woman? It’s a male. There is a woman in here. Where is the woman? Good question.

Where is she? Certainly not at a waterfall. It looks like it’s near a downtown. I think it’s in Kentucky. It’s chilly or cold because she’s all bundled up.

What’s she doing there? I think she’s just by there. I would be her. I would be seeing them and walking with them. What are they? I never had any. I can’t say what I want to say.

What would you do if you were there? I don’t know that I would be feeding them, because there are too many of them. I’m not sure it’s good to feed a few. So I don’t think I would be feeding them, unless I had more food. I would be saying, “Come on! Come on over. Say hello. Come see me.” When she holds out her hand, they obviously know what she’s after.

How is she feeling? Warm now. And she’s bound to feel good. Does she come here every day? Or is this a special visit? I think she comes periodically. I don’t think you could just walk in there.

Why does she come here periodically? They would be friendly. I have always liked animals so I know I would be here. She probably likes everything that’s there.

Where did she come from before? She probably wasn’t at work. Does she have a family? You know how it is today.

Let’s make up some trouble. I was going to say no. But then I live alone, so I lean in that direction.

Is there anybody else there with her? I doubt it, but there might be. There are ducks there. Twins. Two black ones. What else? They’re all over the field. Little ones and big ones. Are there any people there with her? I don’t see any.

What sounds does she hear? If you were there, what sounds would you hear? Well, I’ve been there, not exactly there. If I were her, I would be happy. I wouldn’t have to say, “I can’t do that, I can’t do that.” What would you be able to smell? I’ve never smelled them. I haven’t either, unless they’re a pile back here. I don’t know why he’s coming so late. But they do that.

What sounds do they make? I can’t make the sounds because of my voice. If I shout my voice is normal. I can’t imagine you shouting. Oh my. I raised four boys. Can you imagine it now?

Is there any trouble going on? I don’t know. There’s three birds flying around.

Why is her back turned to us? Is she hiding? I don’t think so. You can’t hide in a place like that.

Is she late for something? I don’t think so. They’re all coming in. All these animals.

What do the birds think of her? Obviously they’re not afraid of her, which leads me to believe she’s done this before. They’re watching her, so they’re happy with that.

Well, this day and age, how can you tell a man from a woman? From the back it’s hard to tell. The way they dress now.

What does she like to do for fun? This is a challenge. The way she’s dressed, she’s probably working for somebody who’s concerned about feeding the animals. It’s late in the afternoon and looks like she’s got a bag in front of her. A lot of people like to keep these animals well fed. I can do that. Lots of fish.

What is she going to do next? Probably going to go home. I think she’ll linger there a bit.

What will she do at home? What everybody else does, I guess. Kick their shoes off, take their hat off, take off their jacket and neckpiece. Sit down to either eat or drink some coffee.

STORY BY: Maxine, Dottie, Joyce, Patricia

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