Tuesday, August 3, 2010


What’s going on in the picture? No comment. When I saw that, there was no mark. I don’t know what he’s doing out there, dressed like that. Why are they dressed like that? They’re playing. Something English.

That should tell us something, and that should, and that should. What have they been doing? Ohhh….

They’re young guys. What is his name? Dumbshit. They’re weird.

The one on the left is a boy. His name is Kevin. We need to find a weird name for the other guy, that fits in with his hat. Not everybody wears those. Anybody that would have a thing on their nose like that is pretty weird.

Is this his face, is this part of his face? Look at that! The hat doesn’t make any difference. His nose, if you look really close, is kind of off. It’s kind of going over that way. Then it goes up there that way. It has to keep the same curve to go with the hat. His nose goes all the way up. Is that his nose? I guess!

His eyes are sure close together compared to his chin. Look at the difference. Look right here, from here to here. Let’s call him Weird Willy. That’s appropriate.

Who’s between them? Bewildered. She’s pretty. Let’s see, the guy has a knee pad, so that means he might be athletic. Because of the pads on his elbows, too. He could be into some kind of sports. What sports might he play? Lacrosse.

I don’t know what she’s supposed to be. What’s on her head? It looks like an animal’s head. It’s some kind of an animal. She’s nice. She’s got ears off the animal on her head. It might be an animal.

We have to figure out what the guy’s got on his nose. There’s nothing there for us. I don’t understand this belt-type thing. There’s something crazy there.

Where are they? Out in the woods. Maybe in Connecticut. I always think of that as an area with lots of wood.

What are they doing out there? They’re hiding from you! I got you. I don’t think they can. Anybody want to know? Do you have the answers or something?

There goes the wind. Is it windy where they are? No, they don’t hardly have any.

You can’t determine what the weather’s like because she’s got on shorts, and the guy next to her does, too, so it can’t be very cold out.

What are they doing? Good Lord, I don’t know how to think like they think. Well, the guy on the one end, I don’t know what he’s trying to do or what he’s doing, with that hat up there. Weird Willy. Well, he’s weird. I think the guy next to her, that is really a weird outfit.

I think he’s almost looking cross-eyed, when you look at his face. Weird Willy.

What is she doing with these two weirdos? She has to be the sister. She’s the only one who would put up with them. She’s got some kind of animal up there. It looks like a teddy bear. The animal’s got his mouth open, looks like he’s really got a lot of stuff in it.

We have no clues of any kind. That’s not bad. He’s crazy, and she’s okay. I don’t know what she’s doing with that animal on her head.

Do you not like that guy? No. Kevin is better.

I was looking at her face, and I turned it upside down. Here. If you turn it upside down, you have a little animal, and it has a face, eyes, a nose. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with it. I’m not getting it anywhere else. The picture of that girl, the bottom half is the animal.

She’s pretty. She looks like she’s just there. Her hands are pretty.

Her name could be anything. Make it Maxine. No, Christine.

Are they playing something all together? No, I don’t think so. Would you play with them? No. They’re doing nothing. They’re just out in the woods. They don’t have any place to go.

What do they want? Who are they talking to when they say what they want? I could see that from here. The game warden. What do they say? They just saw a deer run through the woods and could they shoot it. They’re hungry. I don’t see a gun. Kevin says if they come up to the highway he’ll buy them a hamburger and they can leave the deer alone.

What makes you think they’re after a deer? They’re not after animals. I’m not sure Weird Willy is even a boy. He’s got a beard. What more does she want? If she wants a full disclosure, he’ll have to take his clothes off. His pants are pink.

I don’t see anything unusual about them. That is that, and this is okay. Except that, and that. They wear shorts all the time. Looks like cardboard on his nose. Why would he have cardboard in his mouth? You can’t just walk out into the woods and find a piece of cardboard.

Where are they going to go after this? I think Kevin and Christine are okay, but Weird Willy is just a little bit different.

Where should they go after this? Back to the home for the simple-minded. I think so, too.

Are you all from Florida? You see this all the time! They send them down here from Georgia. Where do you live? Just a mile down the road. Then you know that everybody dresses like this. It’s not unusual. People do crazy things.

Where are they coming from now, New York?

STORY BY: Nina, Joyce, Dottie, Patricia, Tony, Ruth, Maxine, Barbara

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