Monday, August 16, 2010


Whoa. What’s going on here? Shew. I don’t know, looks like he’s trying to climb the wall. Good gracious. He’s trying to keep from falling, too. Can’t imagine what he’s doing up there by himself. Looks like he’s at a town hall, city hall in some town.

Why is he climbing it? He wants to be adventurous. I can’t imagine. A man that old, both feet hanging loose. I don’t know. He’s some damn fool.

I don’t think it’s that. I think he’s happy. He’s doing something he hasn’t done before. Any other reasons he’s climbing the town hall? Somebody’s dared him to, and he can’t say no to a dare. Who dared him? Sure wouldn’t be his wife.

Is he coming up or going down? If he lets go, he’s going down. I don’t see how he could possibly be coming up. I think he is.

What does his wife think of him climbing like that? She’s probably worried to death. The words she’s saying to him we can’t discuss.

His friends are watching him. I was going to say his buddies. They probably talked him into it. Thirty buddies. What are his friends saying to him? By this time, they’re telling him to slide down. They’re afraid he’s going to get into trouble again, or get hurt. What kind of trouble has he been in before? He’s been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He doesn’t stop to think about how anything stupid like this will affect anyone but himself.

What’s going to happen next? Who knows? Hopefully he just loosens his hands and slides back down. But who knows. Does he get into trouble? Yes. Whoever owns the building gets mad. He has to give the address. What does the owner of the building say to him? I can’t tell you, there’s too many people around. I imagine he says, “Come down or else…”

How does the story end? He just slides down. It’s wide enough that he could hold on. He’s going to let go and slide down.

STORY BY: Dottie, Joyce, Barbara, Tony, Patricia, Maxine, Margaret

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