Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going to Church

That’s a church behind them.  What can they do in front of a church? They’re imagining.  I would imagine that they would be talking about whether they should go in the church or not. 


Why is the church so far back?  Why are they in the tunnels?  We’re not in the same paper.  We just cut right out. 


The guys are just fooling around.  Someone told them they could make a bundle of money, but they aren’t sure.  They decided to try it once.  They’re just scooting around.  Have they invested any yet?  No. 


He was little.  He really was. 


Why are they jumping?  They just wanted to do something. 


Is this little thing here part of the church?  It’s so pretty.  They’re tanks.  What kind of tanks? 


They probably wanted to attract attention.  Anybody’s attention.


How do you know they’re crooked?  I have no idea. 


What are in the tanks?  Is this really a church?  I think maybe it’s a coffin.  I would just like to see this.  I’d like to look at it.  When I roll my finger across the building it moves.


I don’t know of any church in Indianapolis.  It’s likely in Chicago.  That’s what I want.


Why are they going in?  Why do they have a church with rooms?  Are they going to go inside the church?  What I want to know is why do they want to go to a church when there are hotels around?  Why would a church let them stay there? 


Maybe they’re just going in for the hell of it. 


Well, they might have gone there thinking there’s going to be some singing and preaching and talking.  Because there are people there.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that church before in my life. 


They come in there in the afternoon.  Are these tubes?  They’re tubes of something. Is this the back of the church or the side of the church or the front or what?  There’s nothing there.  Yours is a real bright place. 


What day is it in our story?  It looks like nighttime. 


Do they have guns?  Yes.  Why would they go to a church without any reason to be going there with guns? 


What do Harold and Bernard want?  They want to go in.  They want to see what’s on the inside.   They’re going to sing.  Maybe they’ll pray, if it’s a church.  That’s what I was thinking about last night.  That’s how it might start.  I don’t know what to do about it. 


Why haven’t they gone into the church yet?  These guys must know somebody that works in there.   They know the kids that work there.  They’re really impressed.  If kids see people putting money in places like this, they’re going to wonder why.


They do the work at the top of the church.  That’s where they keep all the confidential things.  


They might be planning to do things.  The lights are on in some of the rooms.  Why are the rooms scattered so throughout the church?  Harold and Bernard, are that their names?  That’s my husband’s name.  Both of them.  He wouldn’t do something like this.  I don’t think he would.  Not unless he got desperate. 


Why do people get desperate?  Which one got desperate?  I don’t know, because I don’t know which one is crooked.  I bet one is good and one is bad.  The one that is good wouldn’t shoot anyone.  Harold is the good one.  He’s the good one as far as being a crook is concerned.  He’s got all the bullets.  I don’t think Bernard knows it. 


Bernard is good at trying to find places to go.  He’s working on getting them inside.  It seems like he just likes to travel.  They’ve been around this place several times because they want to be sure they know where to go.  I’d like to know about that building. 


The men are too close to the church.  I don’t think so.  Is it safe?  It’s probably very safe. 


This is the situation.  I’m thinking maybe these guys are trying to find out who is honest and who isn’t.  But why are they leaving so many of these kinds of things? 


Those are air tanks.  It’s not big enough to put a room in or anything.  It may not be as good as you think it should. 


It looks like a landfill. 


It looks like he’s got money, or something.  Why would he have money out here in public?  I don’t think it’s right to count your money in public.  That’s true.  Bernard has fifty dollars.  What can he do with fifty dollars?  Fifty dollars won’t go any place. 


How should this story end?  We can let it run for a while.  I definitely think we should.

STORY BY: Miss Peach, Betty, Betsy, and Vivian

HELPERS: Terry and Sarah 

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