Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This I Believe

I believe in God.

I believe in friends. 

I believe in the love I have for my children,

and the love they have for me.


I believe in sunshine. 

You feel a great warmth. 

Sunshine makes you happy. 

Some people like to go to the beach

for the sunshine. I used to live at the beach. 

It’s too hard to work when the sunshine is out.


I believe my grandchildren are growing up

and they’re getting up to go to work soon.


I believe in nature.  The flowers

and the trees and the grass.

I believe in trees with a lot of fruit.  My momma used

to make jelly and different things like that.


I believe in soup with tarragon and pork.  It was sooo good

and we kids just loved it.  We lived on it.


I believe that attitude can make a big difference.

I believe that if you have positive thinking

when you get up in the morning,

you’ll have that all day long.


I believe in education. 

It’s important to have a good teacher

who teaches you.  She tells you different stories

so you know it.


I believe in having good friends and neighbors.

You can depend on good friends, and they can depend on you.

My neighbors always looked after me and wanted

to know if I was feeling okay. 

I have very good friends.  I had about four or five of them.

I believe that friends make your life fuller.


I believe we have a lot of nice nurses here that help us out.


I believe that family is important.

I believe in my sister.  She takes care of me all the time.

I believe in having children.  When I had my first child,

that was the most joyous time in my life.


I can’t say that.

I believe that I have nice nieces.  They look after me.


I believe in going to church and saying my prayers

for everyone that I know of.


I believe happiness is when all your friends

and family get together. That’s the happiest time.


I believe in sauerkraut. 


I believe that my daughter was beautiful

when she got married at sixteen.  She wanted to

so I didn’t stop her.  She was so breathtaking

when she went down the aisle.


I believe in a happy marriage.


I believe in going to a hospital and visiting

a person from the family. 


I believe in the sincerity of a friend. 

That’s very important to me. 

I believe in being very friendly with people,

in being sincere yourself.


I believe that we have a very special person

watching over us.  We’re all here together

and he has his eye on all of us. 

Not just one of us, but all of us. 


This I believe. 


POEM BY: Anna, Mary, Phil, Gretchen, Myra, Jean, Grace, Margaret, Margie, and Sarah

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