Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Different Pictures

Bob and John are trying to point out something in the sky to people.  All kinds of fish.  They are standing on the shore. There are all kinds of fish.


It looks like John and Bob are dancing.


How do John and Bob know each other? They go fishing together. The fish are very colorful.


What do the fish think of the people?  "We're leaving."


There is a silhouette of people.


The big one is not a fish. It's a shark. There are more than one shark. There are a lot of sharks in there.


I  don't even think it's a fish.


I'm wondering what else they're going to find besides fish. It looks like two separate pictures.


One of the fish look like a horse. But they have no feet!


One of the fish looks like a pillow.


There are a whole bunch of fish at the bottom. I don't think all those fish like to be next to the bottom!


The people are ashore. They like that. Maybe that's why they are pointing.


What is the little thing in the corner here? The fish want to be away from the shark.


The fish look like a fan. I think they are called fan fish.


I'm pretty sure one of the fish is a turkey. He's got a long tail and he's pretty fuzzy.


What do John and Bob think of the sharks? Do they know there are sharks there?


They're not in water. They're not walking sideways. They're looking out over a cliff.


They look like the birds with the big tails. Peacocks.


 We have two stories going- a bird story and a fish story.


The bird story- there is only one fish. The rest are birds.


Have John and Bob ever seen these birds before?


They are all excited. These are all small fish. They are scared of the shark.


He's looking at what he said, and he wants to watch.


I'd be afraid and holding onto somebody if I was standing at the edge of a cliff.


It could be farther away than it looks. The fish seems to be coming in from the side. Exuberant. There is something to be excited about. There is foliage at the top of the cliff. There is foliage in other places, too. There are different colors.


Why are they so excited?  It's the first time they came close to the fish. It seems like there are two different pictures.


Where are John and Bob? Where are they looking at fish? On shore of course.


The bigger fish want to get the smaller fish.


The foliage looks like a New York street building. The kid's shoes are near the cliff. Can you see the buildings here? It looks like they might be on top of the building or looking over the building. None of the animals look like four-legged animals. All of the animals have wings. And they're flying.


It's amazing they can see so many things in one place. The ocean is awful deep looking.


Where are John and Bob going to go next?  How the story will end? They will wonder where they have been. They look like color TV pictures. I wonder why it appears as if there is glass across this place. Because why would they stand so close to the fish? It's impossible I think. Do you think so? They are inside the building. It must be an awfully big glass! To be able to see the sharks along there. In a big city some place. There are some places like that. There are waves of the beach lower than this.


How does their day end? Do you know how your day is going to end? Do you? No. Well, I don't have any buildings like this or oceans so I don't know. Someone has to have an imagination to make this look like this.


I think there are two or three pictures on top of one another to make it look like one.

STORY BY: Mary, Betsy, Betty, Sudar, Miss Peach, Nancy

HELPERS: Terry, Jessica, Katie, Sarah


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