Monday, September 28, 2009

Riding to California

That looks like a turkey.  That’s a big bird. 


It looks like swans.  I don’t think it’s swans. 


My friends are into this stuff.  What kind of stuff is that? 


It’s got skinny legs.  It looks like a turkey.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody riding a big bird.  It looks like a turkey with skinny legs.  I keep thinking of turkeys, turkeys, turkeys.  I saw the whole turkey. 


Who is in the picture?  Or what is it?  It has to be a man or a woman.  I’ve never seen anybody ride a bird like this.  It looks a woman up here and a man down here.  The legs are too masculine to be a woman. 


The person riding the bird looks like a woman.  What is her name?  What should we call her? 


I surely wouldn’t want to ride that thing like a horse.  I would be scared to death.  But they can train those things, I think. 


Where is the bird going?  Any place in the good old USA.  California.  There’s snow there.  I never saw it while I was there. 


Could be a quarrel, a fight.  What would they be fighting about?  I don’t know.  Let’s make it up. 


This might be a big lie. 


I think one of them is trying to beat the other one.  They’re both jumping the wire at the same time.  I’ve seen people riding these huge birds.  Let’s just turn the paper over and see how good it is. 


It looks like a very strong bird.  It’s probably in some kind of park.  It looks like a duck.  A duck!  Wasn’t there a long time ago a game called duck-duck-goose? 


If I turn this picture the other way it looks like a cow.  It looks like a woman with a man beside her.  She’s got to give that bird a good kick.  They’re not going like that all the way to California. 


Where are they right now?  There’s a lot of snow around.  They could be any place.  Not Florida.  I don’t wish for snow. 


It looks like a man and fish.  A man and a stork.  A long-tailed woman or something.  You can look at the same picture and see two or three things. 


She should not give the bird a big kick.  That would not be very nice.  That’s a very large bird. 


I’m still curious about what they’re quarreling about.  


That’s a bird of some kind.  There’s not a lot in the background.  What are those posts doing?  He has something.  Right there.  That looks like a bird of some kind.  I wonder who dreams up these pictures? 


What does the bird want?  What would the person want?  That’s a very big bird and it can kick you.  It looks a like a man with his arms around a chicken.  Where do you see a chicken?  Just the top of the head and the skinny legs.  That looks like a cat to me. 


The man wants to go for a ride.  What’s stopping him?  He’s going to California.  He looks very happy with this bird.  A lot of people say that’s a very ferocious bird.  What are they going to do in California?  I hope they’re not going to walk all the way to California from here.  Well, there’s snow in California all the time. 


What is the bird’s name?  That looks like a fish.  It looks like he’s got reins around his neck.  They’re very strong birds.  Look at its legs.  He’s got nice shoes, if nothing else.  So if the bird gets tired of walking to California, he could carry the bird.  He doesn’t look like a football player.  The bird lays eggs. 


What is the man’s usual job?  He trains birds.  He probably likes his job.  I never have seen a bird stand up that tall.  It looks like a big swan.  Birds like a big area.  They lay eggs.  I always thought there were more of these kinds of birds in California, but I don’t know.  I haven’t been to California yet. 


What do people do in California?  They’ve got big cars.  I doubt they will go surfing.  Yes, they will go surfing. 


How do you know it’s a bird?  It looks like a man and a woman to me.  And this looks like a horse.  Do you think a bird would learn a person’s language?  Yeah. 


I thought this was a man.  I thought so, too.  But now I think it’s a fish and a fish and a fish.  No, that’s a part of a bird.  It’s a talking parrot.  Birds that big can talk and say real dumb things.  What does it say? 


Now all of the sudden it looks like three ice cream cones. 


The bird would say to the man, “I coming through.”  In your picture it looks like a cow and in mind it looks like a stork.  The man might have spurs on his shoes. 


If you look at the picture from a distance it looks like a flower and different colors.  At the top of the picture it looks like a fan.  What kind of critter has legs like that?  It looks like a banana with a skirt.  Now when I look at it again it doesn’t look like that at all. 


I think that bird is more around in California.  I believe the bird is from California.  He’s going home.  What do you think the sign on the bottom says? 


The person has flowers on his arms.  I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman.  The bird looks like a parrot. 


There it is.  That doesn’t look a dog to me.  It looks like a fish.  Why would a fish be standing up like that out of water?  That must be something else. 


How many birds does this man have?  Just one.  What about this one down here?  Does he have more than one?  Yes.  He has something. 


Are they taking money with them to California?  I think so.  I used to sell Avon.  Maybe they’re going to sell Avon in California.  No, it’s too hot out there. 


All of the sudden it looks like he’s playing on something and shooting things up in the air.  This guy is sitting on something.  That wasn’t a woman sitting there a while ago.  He’s coming out of a trashcan. He’s certainly going to get his butt warmed.  I suppose that’s warm water. 


How do you think our story should end?  With oddballs.  Does it end in California?  I like California so I don’t want it to end.


STORY BY: Vivian, Miss Peach, Patricia, Nancy, Betty, Sudar

HELPERS: Terry, Jessica, Katie, Sarah



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