Sunday, September 20, 2009


Love is my children.

Love is my husband. 

Love is my friends.

Love is my grandchildren.

Love is caring for others.

Love is going to church.


We should love everybody.

Love thy neighbor.

Too many people don’t.


Love is my dad packing lunch

for me and leaving me a note in the lunchbox.


You should try to love all the people you meet.


Love is my husband changing my children’s diapers.

My husband worked six days a week and had Saturdays off.

On Saturdays he always shooed me out of the house

and said, "Go where you want and I’ll take care of the kids."


Love is children loving their mother and father.

That makes for happiness.

Makes for a happy world.

Love is loving your aunt.


Love is happiness.

Happiness is chocolate soda.


Love is when my sons come to visit me here.

My son is due to come today.

You look forward to them so much.

It means so much to me.  That’s love.

My daughters call everyday.  They don’t live close enough

to come but they call every day.

My son comes to visit.  He’s a good kid. 

I’ve been very lucky.


Love is visiting my sister on Sunday.


Love is loving yourself.

You can’t love anybody else

if you don’t love yourself.


Great love is always a family thing.  To love and know

that if you are able to help, that it can be done.


I first went to work as a secretary at a country club. 

There was one woman who did not like me. 

So I went home crying about it

and my mother said “love is reflected in love.” 

By golly, she turned out to be my best friend. 

She did the things I wanted because I was loving to her.


It’s nice here. When the girls pass you

they rub your back and acknowledge you. 

Love is being acknowledged.


Love is catching.

Love is attention.

Love smells like fresh air.

Love smells like fresh baked cookies.


Love is raising foster children,

which I did in my younger days. 

It was a great deal of love. 

They needed it very badly.

I was a Girl Scout leader for fifteen years

and I tried to get two girls out of their homes

and into foster care because I noticed the abuse. 

It’s hard to interfere with someone’s family,

but when you see children being abused,

you have to say something.


Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.

You don’t have to say, “I love you.”

Actions speak louder than words.

Love in an important ingredient in life.

POEM BY: Beth, Myra, Mary, Jennifer, Kendra, Trudy, Betty, Grace, Anna, Margaret, Jean, and Sarah

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